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Star Wars X-Wing - Character and Ship Guide - YT-2400

The YT-2400 was first seen in the canon novel Shadows of the Empire.  A story set in between the events of The empire strikes back and Return of the Jedi, it featured the movie protagonists attempting to discover exactly where Han Solo had been taken to after his encasing in Carbonite.  They were assisted by roguish smuggler Dash Rendar, a man who was a very Han Solo type character who flew the YT-2400 dubbed the Outrider.

It has since gone on to become a fan favourite vessel with a very unique design and shape befitting the YT series of ships seen throughout the wider Star Wars universe.  It is great to see this ship added because it fills that gap in the original trilogy plot and gives us access to ships like the Star Viper or Virago amongst others.

Faction: Rebel Alliance
Name: YT-2400 Light Freighter
Statistics ÷
Primary Weapon value: 2
Agility: 2
Hull: 5
Shields: 5

A vessel designed with the aim to be endlessly modifiable the YT-2400 was a favoured ship of Mercenaries, smugglers, criminal organisations and other less than reputable members of galactic society.  The ships standard 13 emplacement points on the base model where mostly empty, with only six of them being in use with the stock model.  The remaining emplacement points allowed for modifications such as bigger engines, more weapon systems, extra smuggling space and more depending on the intended use of the owner.  It was tough enough to withstand the rigours of space combat and extreme manoeuvres during flight and had ample armament to fend off would be attackers, sporting two turrets both dorsal and ventral.

All YT-2400 pilots are capable of performing the (Focus), (Target Lock) and (Barrel Roll) actions.

Expansion Content List:

Pilot Cards: 

Wild Space Fringer
Eaden Vrill
Dash Rendar

Equipment Cards:

Lone Wolf
Stay on Target
Dash Rendar
Lando Calrissian
Mercenary Copilot
Proton Rockets
Heavy Laser Cannon
Counter Measures
Experimental Interface

Below is a list of YT-2400 pilots in ascending order of skill along with points cost and abilities. 

Name: Wild Space Fringer
Skill Value: 2
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Crew (1), Missile (1), Heavy Weapon
Squad Cost: 30

Name: Eaden Vrill
Skill Value: 3
Pilot Ability: When performing a primary weapon attack against a stressed ship, roll 1 additional attack die.
Upgrades: Crew (1), Missile (1), Heavy Weapon
Squad Cost: 32

Name: "Leebo"
Skill Value: 5
Pilot Ability: When you are dealt a faceup damage card, draw 1 additional damage card, choose 1 to resolve and discard the other.
Upgrades: Crew (1), Missile (1), Heavy Weapon, Pilot Skill
Squad Cost: 34

Name: Dash Rendar
Skill Value: 7  
Pilot Ability: You may ignore obstacles during the Activation phase and when performing actions.
Upgrades: Crew (1), Missile (1), Heavy Weapon, Pilot Skill
Squad Cost: 36

Now compared to the YT-1300 this ship is a little weaker not being able to take the same amount of damage or even bring as much weaponry to the table.  However it is far more manoeuvrable and with the right setup for its skill skills and weapons it can be a nasty little attack vessel for your squadron.  Obviously Dash Rendar can literally ignore the map when taking actions or during the activation phase, emphasising his skill with the Outrider.  Leebo I think is a little bland and not really worth taking over Dash or Eaden personally.  Yes you do get to choose which damage card to resolve but if you pick two bad cards, you're in trouble either way.  Eaden Vrill seems custom made to make Imperial players lives miserable.  When used in conjunction with skills from other ships that cause stress, he can be the executioner of the field with his 3 attack die instead of 2.  Used with a heavy weapon instead and he could be doing upwards of 5 attack die if equipped with the heavy laser cannon.

Ultimately the YT-2400 acts as a cheaper alternative to the larger YT-1300 but only by a few points.  It will be interesting to see what combinations come out of using this new large scale vessel and honestly its one of my favourite ships of the series to date. It looks awesome sat amongst my Rebel fighters.

Pilot Skill ÷

Name: Lone Wolf
Ability: When attacking or defending, if there are no friendly ships at Range 1-2, you may reroll 1 of your blank results.
Cost: 2

Name: Stay on Target
Ability: When you reveal a maneuver, you may rotate your dial to another maneuver with the same speed.  Treat that maneuver as a red maneuver.
Cost: 2

Crew Cards ÷

Name: Dash Rendar
Ability: Rebel Only - You may perform attacks while overlapping an obstacle.  Your attacks cannot be obstructed.
Cost: 2

Name: Gunner
Ability: After you perform an attack that does not hit, you may immediately perform a primary weapon attack.  You cannot perform another attack this round.
Cost: 5

Name: Lando Calrissian
Ability: Rebel Only - Action: Roll 2 defence dice.  For each (Focus) result assign 1 focus token to your ship.  For each (Evade) result, assign 1 evade token to your ship.
Cost: 3

Name: "Leebo"
Ability: Rebel Only - Action: Perform a free boost action.  Then receive 1 ion token.
Cost: 2

Name: Mercenary Copilot
Ability: When attacking at Range 3, you may change 1 of your (Hit) results to a (critical hit) result.
Cost: 2

Weapon Cards ÷

Name: Proton Rockets
Damage: 2
Range: 1
Ability: Attack [Focus]: Discard this card to perform this attack.  You may roll additional attack dice to your agility value, to a maximum of 3 additional dice.
Cost: 3

Name: Heavy Laser Cannon
Damage: 4
Range: 2-3
Ability: Attack: Attack 1 ship.  Immediately after rolling your attack dice, you must change all of your (critical hit) results to (hit) results.
Cost: 7

Modifications ÷

Name: Counter-Measures
Ability: Large Ship only modification.  At the start of the combat phase, you may discard this card to increase your agility value by 1 until the end of the round.  Then you may remove 1 enemy target lock from your ship.
Cost: 3

Name: Experimental Interface
Ability: Once per round, after you perform an action you may perform 1 free action from an equipped upgrade card with the Action header.  Then receiver 1 stress token.
Cost: 3

Title ÷

Name: Outrider
Ability: YT-2400 only.  While you have a (heavy weapon) upgrade card equipped.  You cannot perform primary weapon attacks and you may perform heavy weapon secondary attacks against ships outside of your firing arc.
Cost: 5


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