Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Console exclusivity is bullshit as we see with SF:V

The ugly head of exclusivity hit recently with the announcement of Street Fighter V.  After a brief gameplay trailer that exhibited newer visuals, combat features and stage mechanics the logo appears and states PS4 and PC 2015.  Now if I had to throw my loyalty to any one platform I would have to go with PC but if I had to choose a console it would be Playstation, but this recent announcement only serves to highlight the pathetic pissing content between the console giants.

Back in the 90's when the battle for gaming supremacy was waged between the Japanese giants of SEGA and Nintendo and it was an issue then with consumers being torn between one or the other with no real victory being apparent after all the fan wars and advertising snipes.  Sony basically came in and cleared house, knocking SEGA out of the console market and Nintendo although still making consoles, had to focus its efforts on the handheld market until recent years with their Wii success.  Microsoft took over along with Sony to restart the pissing contest all over and once again the consumer suffers in the long run.

Honestly I am not rushing out to buy a Nintendo Wii U for smash bros.  An XBOX ONE for Halo and a PS4 for Uncharted.  Why games are being held as exclusives in this day and age is beyond me.  Sure the fan boys out there get to stick a finger up to the "competition" but these idiots only represent a small number of the actual console gaming community, they just happen to be the most vocal.  Personally games like Halo, smash and Uncharted should be available on all platforms because in the end everyone benefits from the sales.  The only gaming community that wins is the PC community since a majority of these exclusives end up on it eventually and usually at a lower price with better visuals and smoother gameplay.

So essentially, Capcom should get their thumb out of their arse and bring Street Fighter V out on XBOX and this exclusivity should be a thing of the past.


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