Sunday, 30 November 2014

X-Wing Wave 5 guides going up tomorrow

I know posts have been light on the ground recently.  A lot has been happening with my youtube channel which you can follow here and you can also catch my twitch stream by following this link

Outside of that though things have been progressing well.  I have been working hard to cultivate a small following on youtube as I currently sit at 118 subscribers and intend to expand that as much as possible.  But I cannot forget my blog here which started all of this off for me.  So tomorrow will be the arrival of two new guides for X-Wing the miniatures wargame from Fantasy Flight Games.

This expansion to the series gives us two new large base vessels in the form of the YT-2400 made famous in the canon tie in story, Shadows of the Empire, and is piloted by the smuggler Dash Rendar.  A capable ship that is weaker than its sister ship the YT-1300 its a more manoeuvrable vessel that comes with its own set of new crew and modification cards.

The Empire don't come up short of course, rolling in with the devastating but slow VT-49 Decimator.  This ship was first in the Star Wars Galaxies MMO expansion, the Jump to Lightspeed.  Its large, powerful and able to take a hit.  Its only downside from what I can see is the fact that it has zero agility to avoid damage, so enough fire can wear it down completely.

So these guides will be added tomorrow and I am also thinking about making a few videos to do with the models and showing them off.  Possibly making a game report from a basic battle between the Rebels and Imperials.


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