Monday, 17 November 2014

New X-Wing guides coming soon

With the recent update from FFG's site about the YT-2400 and VT-49 Decimator going from 'on the boat' to 'shipping now' I suspect I will have these models either this week or early next so I will have them up ASAP for everyone who uses my guides/reference sheets or whatever you want to call them.

Obviously I am also gearing up for the release of the unfortunately named Scum faction.  Why they couldn't have called them villainy or outlaw instead but its too late now I guess.  Anyway I will be making guides for them also with the first pack being the starter set and it's many new pilot and upgrade cards.  Since the stats of the ships will be the same I am still in two minds about adding their respective stats since I already have guides for the Y-Wing, Z-95, HWK-290 and Firespray-31 here. 

I may do it so the new faction has it's own unique guides even for existing ships so they can be found for players who want to be Scum only or need guides for custom missions etc. With my youtube channel becoming something with near 100 subscribers I may also create some videos of the models themselves and add them to the guides so they have something a little more interesting to look at.

Finally I am also tinkering with ways of making a battle report using some basic scenarios or just a straight up fight between the rebels and the imperials.  But that will require some cooperation from a friend or two.

Thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for the guides :)


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