Sunday, 26 October 2014

Video news and PS4 woes

Sorry for the lack of updates here the past few days, I usually try to keep to a schedule and I messed it up this week doing things for the youtube channel and playing a hell of a lot of Marvel Heroes and Mechwarrior online. 

On the gaming front though I do a few irons in the fire so to speak.  My series of Mechwarrior videos will be rolling on without break for a while so there is plenty of stuff to mess around with there.  Other video idea's I am kicking around include some Marvel Heroes related items that focus on the individual heroes, showing them off and the such.  Reviews will be coming for new games as I get them, unfortunately I am tapped for cash and there really isn't anything new coming out that I really want, unless someone buys a copy of WWE 2K15 for on PS4 =p

Probably the big one that I am looking forward too is Evolve and I am currently awaiting my download link for their Big Alpha event that is launching soon.  I am looking into recording it for the channel and writing some stuff for the blog if I there isn't a prohibitive NDA attached.  Evolve looks like it will be really fun so I am looking forward to the alpha and what it brings to the multiplayer gaming table.

Wrestling has taken a backseat, not because I don't watch it as much or anything, it's mainly down to how fucking boring it has been recently.  Watching TNA is like watching someone slowly die on life support while WWE is just so generic and bland it's hard to get excited for the show each week because it's just the same matches week in week out.  Since this Sunday is WWE's Hell in a cell I will write a WWE analysed about it since I haven't done anything wrestling in a while.

The other thing I want to talk about is the PS4 and it's sheer laziness this past year.  I have owned a PS4 now for four or five months and honestly I haven't seen much that excites me about the system.  I own a grand total of 2 games on the system.  Infamous Second Son and Killzone Shadowfall.  Both good games and they looks great and all that jazz, but that is it.  The problem is that a majority of the titles on PS4 are either ports from the PS3 with upscaled graphics or download titles that don't do the system justice.  I can buy some of the games on the console for less on PC and save around £25 or more, it just doesn't work out economically for me.  For instance I would love to buy and play EA UFC but the price is fucking astronomical in store.  £54 for a game? are you shitting me?  Even online the fucker is £35 or more. 

It doesn't help that titles like Destiny, a game I originally was really interested in turned out to be a massively over-produced piece of shit that looked pretty but was over before you knew it.  The Order 1886 or whatever it's called has never appeared.  Drive club is currently suffering massive online issues coupled with a crippling lack of content.  The entire thing is stalling big time and although it has out sold the Xbox it needs some really good titles that are original to the PS4 and not just an upscaling job to justify the rather pricey purchase.  If and when it does get it's arse in gear I will be hopefully using the twitch feature of the system to broadcast gaming, but as it stands currently it's not working out all that well.


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