Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mech pack fatigue, Schmeck pack fatigue (IMAGES UPLOADED)


After that very unbiased response, I would like to let my limited audience here know that PGI has announced a new set of battlemechs for their stompy robot shooting title this time focused on the brave forces of the Inner Sphere and their admirable battle to protect themselves from the vicious invading clan forces.

This pack has been dubbed "Resistance" and is aimed squarely at those Inner Sphere loyalists who didn't want or couldn't afford to buy a top tier clan package.  I understand that some people have their loyalties and also not everyone can be as fortunate as myself and others to simply blow $240 or £147 on pixels for the chance to get a "free" King Crab in December.  This new pack will cost the much lower (but still high price) amount of $80 or £50 for four new Inner Sphere 'mechs.

The 'mechs run the gamut of classic Technical readout  designs with the FUCKING AWESOME (ahem) Panther light 'mech.  This is followed by the fun looking Enforcer, nimble Grasshopper and badass looking Zeus.  All of these 'mechs have been fond favourites of Battletech players since the 80's and for good reason.

The Panther is a 35 ton light that works on the basis of being a fire support city fighter designed to do big damage in a small package.  Sporting a PPC and SRM 4 with jumpjets for manoeuvrability it sacrifices speed to achieve these goals.  The result is a light that can be a real threat to any light or even medium 'mech when used in the right location.  It does suffer from it's small engine to fit the PPC but it's worth it to see the faces of your enemies when they get dropped by a Panther.

The Enforcer is a stalwart of the AFFS or Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.  It mounts a single Autocannon/10, Large Laser and Small Laser into a 50 ton medium chassis.  It runs numerous roles from fire support, brawler and general trooper 'mech with thick armour to weather the storm they usually go into.  It's only real weakness is it's rear armour is extremely thin and as such needs to work as a team to avoid being flanked.  To keep this from happening too often the Enforcer is also jump capable to allow for rapid relocation should they need to during a firefight.

The Grasshopper is the heavy entry to this pack weighing in at a tasty 70 ton.  It's a very old design dating back to the Star League era and was created originally to hunt down medium and light 'mechs.  It was seen as revolutionary during the Succession wars due to it's jump jets which at the time was unheard of for a heavy at the time.  It was quick, comparatively speaking, and focused on a shorter range energy load to target the weaker Medium and Lights it was designed to hunt.  It was also known for it's ability to continue the fight even after losing it's arms possibly being the chassis that coined the term "zombie" for battlemechs that could continue the fight after losing it's arms.

The final 'mech is the Zeus, another entry into the 80 ton category.  Synonymous with the Lyran Commonwealth this design was famed for it's power and success on the fields of the Succession wars.  Mounting a single Large Laser, two medium lasers, single AC/5 and a LRM 15 launcher this 'mech could take the fight to foes at any range.  It's design focuses on the use of hit and run tactics an unusual tactic for your typical assault 'mech.  The reason for this is it's speed which is comparable to the Grasshopper.  It was so successful in the role that the chassis is jealously guarded by House Steiner and as such very few Zeus units are seen outside of their space.
The pack looks great and comes with the usual bonus items such as extra mechbay slots, premium time, skins and other faction content alongside new cockpit items.  This pack will go on sale on the 22nd of October 2014 but I wouldn't expect these 'mechs to be injected this year due to the clan pack 2 release schedule so weigh up the pro's and con's before dropping your money.


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