Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Fantasy Flight detail the upcoming Scum faction for X-Wing

Yesterday FFG or Fantasy Flight Games gave us our first faction specific details regarding the new faction for X-Wing coming later this year or early 2015.  If you haven't checked out the site recently or have been taking a break from dogfighting in the Star Wars universe then here is a quick overview of the Scum and Villainy faction.

Scum and Villainy are made up of numerous criminal elements ranging from bandits, pirates and organised crime syndicates such as the Hutt Cartels or Black Sun.  They use a number of unique vessels or re-purposed older ships in their forces.  The new ships include Mandalores Star Viper Attack platform made famous in the official tie in novel Shadows of the Empire.  We have infamous droid bounty hunter IG88 and his custom IG 2000 heavy fighter.  Rounding out the new fighters we have the M3-A Interceptor used for light combat duties.  The re-purposed vessels include newly painted versions of the Y-Wing and Z-95 Headhunter replete with new pilots and special equipment.

Now the details we got yesterday told players that the Scum faction fight very differently than their Rebel or Imperial counterparts.  Formation flying isn't their thing with them instead preferring individual combat tactics using their illicit weapons and skill to keep their more military trained opponents on the back foot.  They use a new icon called "illicit" meaning they can only be used on Scum ships.  These upgrades give fighters things like hot shot blasters which can fire in any direction once meaning you can take that killing shot against a weakened foe.  Dead man's switch allows you to self destruct when your ship is destroyed and everything within range 1 is damaged.  We also have an ability called feedback array that guarantee's 1 damage on a target at the cost of giving yourself an ion token.

New salvaged astromech droids allow the Scum factions Y-Wings to mount powerful bonuses from these slightly unhinged droids.  Things like being able to ignore the effects of direct hits, drop smart bombs and turn all speed 3 manoeuvres into green instead of red for Y-Wing's allowing them to quickly move without fear of gaining stress tokens.

These are just a few of the cool new options for this series of ships.  I am really looking forward to creating scenario's for this faction and designing a future campaign involving all three with divergent paths and endings.  I am also considering making a few videos of the models and possibly (long way off this) filming a basic match for anyone who might be new to the game.

Thanks for reading and bookmark this blog for all the latest X-Wing guides and information as it comes out on FFG.


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