Saturday, 6 September 2014

State of the blog September 2014

I know things have been a bit slow here on the Critical Rocket blog page over the last few weeks.  Honestly the videos have been taking a lot of my time up alongside Marvel heroes which is a lot of fun to play these days.  But rest assured there is new content coming to the blog site it depends on when Fantasy Flight games releases new X-Wing models and new games come out for me to review.

On both of those points I do know of two items that will be coming later this month.  First is the Rebel Aces expansion for X-Wing which brings the re-paints of the A-Wing and B-Wing to the game with their own pilots, cards and I believe a scenario to run with these new ships.  Obviously this release is now somewhat over shadowed by the upcoming YT-2400 and VT-49 Decimator that will be of far more interest to players out there but these new ships will be two new guides for the X-Wing page here on the blog with their own uniquely coloured silhouettes to represent them on the page.

The other item that will be coming later this month is the release of Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor, a title that will no doubt have Tolkein fans doing cartwheels with rage due to it's Apocryphal content.  That aside the game looks like a fun open world slash-em up with some groovy looking effects and gory violence to bring to the Orc hordes of Sauron himself, hell we even get to lock blades with the evil ruler himself so that's a good thing.  This will be the second PS4 I will have made for the PS4 and I might even attempt a Twitch video of myself playing the game and discussing what I like about it through the console and upload to youtube at a later date.  Who knows it's a crap shoot for me at the moment with regards to twitch.

I am also pondering some kind of archive for Marvel Heroes.  I put a lot of time into the game these days and it seems like I could at least list something as a resource for people who are interested but would like to know more about the game before downloading such a large program to their systems.  I could review it but my policy on reviewing MMO type games is that a score is pointless since the game can change drastically over the course of a year or less depending on customer feedback.  This works in both directions which is the reason I have never reviewed Mechwarrior Online because it can be shit one month and awesome the next dependant on the additions or changes the dev team make.

Wrestling related posts will become a little more common with the drama surrounding TNA and it's search for a new home on American Television sets these days and the World Wrestling Federations (Yeah I said WWF fuck you McMahon family) poor storytelling and general lack of interest in their product overall.  So before this becomes an ad hoc Analysed post by myself I shall leave it there for today.  Thanks for reading and please remember to check out the youtube channel for my videos there by using this simple link:


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