Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Social Justice wars and journalist cabals

So if you have been keeping up with the recent drama of the gaming industry then you will have heard of a little thing called Gamergate.  For those who aren't so keen to keep up with the news concerning the industry today, Gamergate was a massive shitstorm of controversy that started when a female developer by the name of Zoe Quinn was found to have been sexually involved with at least one major game's journalist.  I am not sure if she was involved with more journalists romantically or not but the fact is, she is a developer who had sex with someone who writes for a major online website.

This obviously caused a lot of people to call bullshit since it basically confirmed for a lot of people that the industry was corrupt and nasty things were said and both sides looked pretty bad.  However the journalist side tried to spin the entire event in to a sexism argument.  Now you may remember seeing sites like Eurogamer, IGN and more suddenly all posting articles about the apparent inherent sexism that is rampant within the gaming culture and it's development sector and how we as gamers need to become less misogynistic.  So they tarred everyone with the same brush and tried to heavy handedly beat us over the head with their argument.  Of course there are those people online who are quite sexist and will say some horrendous things to women in both the development sector and players alike and they are need to be ostracised in my personal opinion because they just aren't the kind of people we want in our community.  But to post articles that basically say we as gamers are all misogynistic assholes is the wrong way to go about deflecting the issue.

Other major feminist personalities like Anita Sarkeesian were used to bolster this argument as she spewed her misinformed bile across youtube and other social media sites with her small army of followers attacking anyone who disagreed with her misguided views on games development and the people who play them.  She is just making money off of people who are too stupid to put their own time into researching the argument which makes her no different to creationist preachers asking for money to be saved by Jesus.  Unfortunately she isn't something to be simply ignored.  Her rhetoric can potentially cause knee jerk reactions within the development sector and as a result hinder the creativity of the industry because developers are terrified of being labelled as anti-feminist or misogynists.

Personally I am sick of being forced to play as muscle bound genetic freaks who have square jaws and all speak with a broad macho American accent.  It's just as narrow and boring as the typical leggy female protagonist with big tits and tight clothing.  An example.  Playing the original Guild wars I was looking to play as a Warrior to support my girlfriends spellcaster.  So choosing the class I am presented with a male and female option.  The male is about three foot wide, shaved bald head, ridiculously muscular and has a face that only a mother could love.  The female option was a woman with average proportions wearing armour that actually covered all her body.  I chose the female because she didn't look like a cartoon character and didn't prescribe to a stereotype in gaming.

Anita tries to make out that the developers purposefully put in situations where the gamer can abuse or use women in degrading or violent ways but anyone who has played games for several years will know that this argument is pure crap.  But like Zoe Quinn the cabal of game journalists out there want to protect her from genuine criticism and I want to emphasise legitimate criticism.  I don't endorse anyone who attacks her personally or threatens her or any of that shit.  People who I would recommend viewing for some legit criticism of her arguments is Thunderf00t on youtube who has a series of videos pretty much tearing her arguments to shreds and her only response was to get him banned from twitter so draw your own conclusions from that.

But this cabal of games journalists who all work in a group known as gamejournopro's all sit around and decide what agenda they wish to push through their sites to influence popular opinion.  This group also has several marketing execs from developers such as Ubisoft and Warner Bros. games to boot so when that next Assassin's creed game comes out and every site gives it a 9 just remember that these sites are pretty much in bed with Ubisoft.  It's not really a shock after all since we know the Battlefield 4 launch was a disaster for EA despite every reviewer giving it a 9 or 10 and never mentioning a single bug, the game launched with crippling issues for players and caused a massive uproar from a crowd of enthusiastic gamers who just wanted a fun game and got shafted due to this cabal of journalists pushing scores to be higher to garner more sales for the companies and in turn get them some sweet kick backs from the publishers.

So where's the proof to back this up?  Well here are a few links to videos that themselves explain the situation better than I ever could and give links to the specifics of the situation.  Thanks for reading and remember to keep an open mind when buying games and where those recommendations come from.

Please check out InternetAristocrat's other videos regarding Zoe Quinn or the "Quinnspiracy theory" very funny but also very enlightening.

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQJW3WMsx1q3BAZh3XsK1cSwCiaqjSulc - This link takes you to Thunderf00ts Anita Sarkeesian videos.


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