Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Mechwarrior Online Video update

So the videos have been coming along nicely.  I seem to have been more successful with my MWO videos than I have with the review videos.  I currently as of typing site on 26 subscribers to my channel, all of which I can assume have subscribed purely for the 'mech stompy action I record.  While I continue to reach the assault category for the vids, I have realised that once I record and upload footage for the venerable Atlas, I will be somewhat stuck for new 'mechs to upload.

Now granted I am a little while off that stage yet since I will only be uploading the heavy 'mechs this week and next with the first one being the Dragon.  The assault 'mechs seem a way off and will no doubt take me into October before I finish all of them.  So I have decided on a few other Mechwarrior Online video ideas when new 'mechs are few and far between.

First off I will be creating either one long, or several short videos about the games User Interface.  Many a player has been stumped by this admittedly unintuitive screen and I feel maybe a video showing what every button does will be a big help for anyone getting started.  I will cover the mechlab, upgrades, store, faction and play buttons along with examining how to modify 'mechs and what each module does.

Another idea is a series of map walk videos using the training grounds feature to show areas of regular combat, neat tricks using the terrain and other little tactical nuggets I have mined over the years of play.  My final idea would be a series about the weapons of MWO but not in a stat way but more of a opinion piece each weapon and how best they work in the game from my point of view. 

Obviously as time goes on I will add more 'mechs to the list as they are released since we are likely to see a new clan battlemech added this month or next along with other Inner Sphere designs such as the Mauler and King Crab.  A new map in known as Industrial will be making it's debut this month also so at least there will be a new map to stomp around.

Anyway thanks for reading, folks and have a good week where ever you may be.


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