Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mechwarrior Online announces anniversary rewards program

So in the middle of the public relations shit storm that PGI currently find themselves in, they continue to try and patch things up with their most vocal dissenters, those being the Mechwarrior Online players.  Obviously if you have been playing or at least following the history of MWO then you will be aware of the issues surrounding the game and it's lack of features the most important of which is the community warfare features.  Now PGI's Russ Bullock is claiming that at the two and half year mark the game will have this mythological feature and that they haven't been dragging their feet the entire time so basically "shut the fuck up fans of our game".  Now I won't be going into the details of why that particular claim is complete bullshit since many others before me have posted the multiple links to times when Community warfare has been 'just around the corner' the most notable of that being the "community warfare will be out three months after closed beta ends" statement that constantly comes round to bite them in the ass.

While Transverse continues it's Hindenburg level of disaster with a terribly lacklustre crowd funding campaign, PGI have attempted to their partial credit to actually respond to their own forums.  Russ himself created a post on the Mechwarrior website to announce the anniversary program which gives numerous free items to players who have been loyal customers in the past.  Basically the meat of the rewards will give eligible players a new variant of the Atlas with a unique paint job and geometry.  The rebirth of fan favourite Centurion the AH version that can carry a single AC/20 like the hero 'mech Yen Lo Wang.  They will also be giving us a unique version of the Star League 100 ton assault, the King Crab.  The final part of the program will award customers who buy the new clan pack and who also bought the Masakari pack the Vulture of Mad Dog with all of it's variants as a bonus 'mech.

It all sounds great and looking at the eligibility terms I qualify for all of them so in theory I should be really happy.  I am happy about the King Crab but only because that 'mech is fucking amazing but the reality is that this is a pretty shallow attempt at getting back into the good books with MWO players so they stop bashing Transverse.  It's a step on the right path though and if they continue to change things for the better we could end seeing a version of MWO that people can be really happy about where we can at least know that the developers actually give a shit about what we want as a community rather than just arbitrarily creating game changes that screw everything up at once like ghost heat did. 

The entire post can be read here http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/171263-1-year-customer-appreciation-program/ enjoy the cupcake =p


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