Friday, 19 September 2014

Mechwarrior Online announces $120 Clan Pack 2

So amidst the disaster that is the launch of Transverse and it's failing crowd funding campaign PGI have gone one step further in it's attempts to win over the jaded Mechwarrior Online community.  Now we already have the anniversary gifts coming to those players who have purchased items from them in the past but this latest announcement now asks for more money for more 'mechs.

Yes Clan Pack 2 has arrived and it offers some fan favourites to those who go the whole way with PGI.  The pack has four new 'mechs, one for each weight class, and a bonus fifth 'mech which I will detail below and why it may or may not boil your blood with rage.  So what new overpowered pieces of clan war machine will you be getting if you choose to go all in? 

To kick things off the light category has the Mist Lynx or Koshi as the Kuritans call it.  This little 25 tonner will be the fastest clan light in the game, until the firemoth is added presumably.  Now obviously due to the low armour of the 25 ton 'mechs this will be relying on it's speed, although it will still be out paced by Inner Sphere lights this 'mech runs at 113 kph before speed tweak.  The prime variant also relies heavily on ammo based weapons such as Streak SRM's, LRM's and Machine guns.  This makes it a pure support unit so if you do enjoy running them as their tabletop variants as I do, you will want to keep close to friendlies.  Of course the other variants make up for this with energy weapons or a mix.  Additionally the B variant comes with ECM so now the clans have an alternative to the Kit Fox for ECM coverage.

The Medium end of the list we have the Ice Ferret or Fenris.  It's an acquired visual taste but no doubt a powerful 'mech in it's own right for 45 ton.  It's also quite fast running at 129 kph before speed tweak making it the fastest of the mediums for clan players but again sacrifices some of it's firepower and armour to achieve this speed.  The prime variant utilises a ER PPC, ER Small laser and Streak SRM 2.  This means you will aiming to do most of your damage from long range and move to support allies in a brawl with your laser and SRM when the fight gets hairy or you are charging the enemy.

The heavy is a fan favourite in the form of the Hellbringer or Loki.  This popular 'mech is the perfect partner to the Summoner bringing lasers, streaks, machine guns and PPC's to the table along with ECM.  Yes the Hellbringer is the first heavy 'mech in game that mounts the ECM suite so expect to see this become one of the most popular heavy 'mechs in all of MWO.  It's weapon loadout is varied and extremely powerful but also very hot so don't go alpha striking too much :p

Finally we have the assault and this one was quite a nice surprise for me as it's the Gargoyle or Man O' war.  This 'mech originally was one of the most hideous assaults ever devised by Battletechs creators and PGI have done a sterling job with this visual update.  It also helps that this is actually a pretty good 80 ton 'mech.  Running at 81 kph before speed tweak the design is well armed with four LB 5X autocannons.  2 SRM 6's and a single ER small laser.  Many will likely gravitate to this design as a mini dakka wolf with more speed. 

Now as I mentioned above those people who purchase the full pack for a whopping $120 or £75 will get a bonus fifth 'mech IF and that is a big IF you purchased the Masakari pack which as well know was $240, you get this final and fifth 'mech.  This is the Mad Dog or Vulture.  Now yes this iconic class heavy is basically locked behind a pay wall until either January or February next year, but the real kicker is that the Vulture is in game just waiting to be activated.  The 'mech will be available to everyone who qualifies for this package on Tuesday September 23rd, yes next week.  Suffice to say I own this 'mech and will be making a video of it next week.

For those who aren't in the know about the Mad dog, it's a 60 ton heavy that brings a simple yet powerful weapon set of 2 Large Pulse laser, 2 Medium Pulse Lasers and 2 LRM 20 launchers.  It's a rival to the heavier Timberwolf bringing almost the same weapon setup with less weight but crucially more speed.  It's a real shame it's locked out the way it is and I can understand some peoples displeasure at the way they have locked it.  Asking people to pay $360 is steep to say the least.  Yes you get every single clan 'mech and all the other extras but it's not economically viable for someone who wants the Vulture now but didn't get the Masakari pack way back when.

Anyway let me know what you think and have a good weekend folks.


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