Sunday, 17 August 2014

X-Wing Wave 6 announced

I was kind of surprised with the relative lack of models announced for Wave 5 of X-Wing.  Only two ships was kind of odd considering the usual four ships for previous waves.  Wave 5 is still worth investing in purely for the YT-2400 and VT-49 Decimator and no doubt these ships will be fine additions to any players collection.

Wave 6 however more than makes up for wave 5's lack of content.  Dubbed the scum and villainy expansion, this new wave adds a third faction to X-Wing known as "scum" and odd name in my opinion.  Now in some of my guides for and custom scenario's I have listed some ships as potential pirate, mercenary or system patrol craft and now we have them with unique colour schemes.  The ships in wave 6 are numerous and awesome at the same time.  So below are the new ships and variations in Wave 6.

First up is the scum expansion which is pretty substantive.  It has three models which are existing releases now re-coloured to fit the third faction.  We have two Z-95 Headhunters painted in the colours of the infamous Black Sun organisation.  The other model is the reliable Y-Wing painted in the new factions colours.  The remaining items are new cards and pilots for these vessels along with extra pilot cards for famous characters such as Boba Fett.  This expansion will be a great expansion.

To further expand on these new pilots and re-colours we also get some new firepower in the form of the Starviper attack platform, originally built by Mandalmotors for Prince Xizor during his attempted power play against Darth vader, this fighter looks cool and is very powerful.  Multiples of this fighter can be deployed when Mandalmotors took control over the production after Xizor's downfall. 

Next is the M3-A Interceptor which is also built by MandalMotors.  It's cheap, efficient and extremely agile.  This fighter will likely be the scum factions mainstay fighter alongside the Z-95.  The fighter originally turned up in the now dead Star wars Galaxies MMO as a starter ship for newer players.

The final addition is the bounty hunter vessel flown by the ruthlessly efficient IG-88.  The IG-2000 is a powerful vessel built for a droid and thus is tougher, more manoeuvrable and can deliver a high damage output.  This ship will probably be remembered by fans from the novels and comics created after the original trilogy featuring the odd looking droid as it worked to capture it's prey.


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