Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The crushing of John Cena - Summerslam 2014

Summerslam was interesting.

I was aware of the outcome of the main event prior to watching in so much that Brock Lesnar would win the title.  What I didn't expect was just how convincingly they decided to do it.  Brock literally squashed Cena with near two dozen suplexes that left Cena in a crumpled heap on the mat.  Sure the last son of Krypton did get a few bits and pieces of offence in but overall he was squashed big time.

He got beat down so badly he is now stuck with this expression
Presumable this is to make Brock the companies mega heel and top opponent for the new generation of top tier WWE stars.  It's not like they are hurting for fresh blood with the likes of Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins running as popular characters on their own alongside the likes of the Wyatt's (although Rowan and Harper may not count as young but they are fresh) Cesaro, Swagger, Rusev, Bo Dallas and more.  I would like to think that the systematic destruction of Cena at Summerslam is the beginning of the new age of WWE with these newer faces at the top, but as with all things WWE, they have one good idea and around 50 bad ones.

I welcome the Cena domination by Brock, it was such a fun match to watch and actually told a story.  It is genuinely one of those historic moments that people will remember for years to come.  Does this mean the end of John Cena?  Hell no, he will be back within a six month time frame and probably get the belt once again.  Maybe not from Brock but whoever has the belt will drop it to him when he returns.  For the foreseeable future Cena like Orton will be with us for probably another decade off and on.  I just hope they aren't going to be the faces of the business for that remaining decade what with the current issues both financially and creatively the WWE are suffering.  It's clear now that fans don't just want a single man on the top every month and sometimes, just sometimes it's worth indulging the fans with something they want to see.  It worked at Summerslam and if they are smart they will keep listening.


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