Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mechwarrior Online August updates and new IS 'mech announced

It's all going on this August in Mechwarrior Online according to Russ Bullock.  August will see another small but important step toward the oft delayed community warfare feature of MWO along with more clan battlemechs rolling out to those who didn't preorder them as part of operation revival.  For myself though the most promising piece of information is the arrival of the new Inner Sphere 'mech, the Vindicator.

Among these additions we will be seeing a few new events over the coming weekends, probably with MC prizes and new cockpit items up for grabs for those willing to put the time in to get them.  Probably the most interesting part though is the public test of Inner Sphere versus Clan in 12 v 12 but later on 12 v 10 matches.  These will certainly help in forming the basis for future community warfare matches and the inevitable clan invasion events going into 2015 when the official game time will be 3050 and the invasion is in full swing. 

So yeah it's looking good for this month, here is the link to the post for a more concise list of features coming this month along with some early screen grabs of the upcoming Module 1 of community warfare.


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