Thursday, 17 July 2014

Video Production ramps up

Video's are now in full schedule for production now.  I have a new company of heroes 2 video going up today that finishes off my western front armies series.  Going forward I will be recording footage for Sniper Elite 3 and posting a video review in the next week or so.  This will be my second video review of a PC game so it won't be the most slickly produced video out there but it should be enough to get the point across.

The major thrust of my video production will be Mechwarrior Online.  I will be making a gameplay video of each 'mech in the game and all 'mechs added going forward.  These will be short match length videos that have me talking about the 'mech, it's pro's and con's and the like.  The other part of the series will be a set again for each battlemech but will have me narrating the in universe information about the battlemech from the original technical readouts.  The clan variants will be from the point of view of the Inner Sphere as written in TRO 3050.

I will try to remember to add these videos to the blog as they go up.  Maybe make a video section with links.  The channel link is here


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