Monday, 21 July 2014

Elder Scrolls Online arrives on steam with pricey DLC

I'll say it now, I don't like the Elder Scrolls Online.  It's not that it looks bad visually or even has broken gameplay it just isn't Elder Scrolls.  When you're in an MMO world you lose that element of heroism when everyone else is doing the same world saving quests you are.  But the issues with ESO are documented elsewhere by plenty of other people from players to journalists on sites like IGN and Eurogamer.

What I want to talk about is the games recent addition to steam and something that was added with it as downloadable content.  Checking through the steam product page I found a couple of entries for DLC, one was the collectors edition upgrade which granted access to a few other bits and pieces like a Imperial playable race, Mudcrab pet and other goodies.  The price is steep at £20 pounds to upgrade considering the normal price tag of £49.99 for a whopping total of £70.  Keep in mind this is for a subscription MMO so you have to keep paying a minimum of £8.99 a month to keep playing so it mounts up quickly.

Expensive and plain looking
Speaking of mounting up, I also noticed the other DLC on the product page for another in game item.  This one was for a Palomino horse which according to the description is no better than the standard horses, requires level 10 to use and requires ESO (which is kind of obvious, but yeah Zenimax probably put it in there in case mentally deficient people try and buy the horse on it's own.)  Looking at it the price is what really gets me and brings back memories of the good old days of Elder scrolls.  You know horse armour?  That controversy?  Well I couldn't help but be reminded of it when I saw they are asking people to pay £10 for it.  Yeah a month's subscription money for a fucking horse that has no benefit outside of unlocking one earlier than if you saved up and bought it with in game cash.

I couldn't believe it when I saw the price, it just baffled me and I am confused as to why other websites haven't seen the listing and called bullshit on this one also.  The special edition upgrade is pricey and all that jazz, but a horse is half the price of the special edition upgrade?  Fuck you Zenimax you money grubbing tossers.  To make this even more of a slap in the nuts, I read that ESO has roughly 770,000 subscribers the exact figure being here shows the number to be 772,374 which taking the $9.99 subscription fee for US players works out at $7,716,016 a month.  I know development costs are high for MMO's and running them afterwards isn't cheap but come on, £9.99 for a fucking in game horse? 

I can only assume that this is a sign that despite the numbers of subscribers the game isn't making the money back quickly enough so they are trying to grab as many poor saps as possible for their half baked MMO that people would have preferred Elder Scrolls VI too instead of this game. That is the link to the steam store page and the horse shit price.


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