Sunday, 15 June 2014

X-Wing wave 5 announced!

FFG are on a roll these days with the X-Wing releases.  Last night (EU timezone) the website updated to show off two new large scale ships for the game.  These vessels are the same scale as the Millennium Falcon and Slave I so get ready to make more space in your gaming room for these new models.

So first up we have the only canon ship to never make a movie or cartoon appearance, the Outrider more commonly known as the YT-2400 is new for the Rebel alliance.  The ship was first shown in the official filler story between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the jedi, known as Shadows of the empire.  This ship was used by the brash smuggler known as Dash Rendar who assisted the alliance in their mission to rescue Han Solo after his capture by Boba Fett as well as defeat the criminal mastermind known as Xizor. 

The ship is a rugged vessel too, with 2 attack 2 agility and 5 shield and hull ratings.  It makes this ship very resilient to damage and not too bad in the shooting department.  This expansion also comes with a new set of counters in the form of ship debris, presumably for use in a new scenario that comes with the model.  Obviously we also get the usual raft of new crew, upgrades, weapons, equipment and four pilots. 

I am really excited to have a FFG quality miniature of this model in my collection.  On the Imperial side I have to admit I would never have gone for this ship but the model isn't too bad.  The VT-49 Decimator is an original design from Star Wars Galaxies designed to be the empires counterpart to the YT-1300.  In universe the ship is designed to be a second line gunboat and a noteworthy promotion for Imperial captains. 

Again the ship is different but no doubt another fun addition for the Imperials, although I imagine many players would have preferred the Skipray blastboat or customs frigate for wave 5.  Still this vessel has a very different approach to combat as it has 3 attack, 0 agility, 12 hull and 4 shields.  That means it can literally weather a storm of fire and keep going, but alone it will be quickly worn down by Rebel pilots. 

More debris is part of this expansion also so both ships may have some kind of linked scenario or possibly a carbon copy of the others. 

Overall this announcement coupled with the imminent wave 4 launch we can expect wave 5 sometime near years end so that will make a considerable number of new ships for X-Wing. 

Have fun folks and have a good week.


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