Sunday, 22 June 2014

X-Wing wave 4 guides coming this week

A quick update today to let everyone who uses my guides know that this week I will be getting my hands on the new Wave 4 models like many of you hopefully will be too.

A quick recap of the wave.  It goes back to basics focusing exclusively on small one man starfighters to add more options for players who prefer using faster and more nimble craft in their squadrons.  The Rebel Alliance gets the advanced E-Wing starfighter with it's mix of advanced weapons and good agility.  Also the Z-95 headhunter will also be joining the Alliance to work as the Rebel's version of the cheap TIE/in.  Not the most powerful fighter but cheap enough to field in large numbers.

The Empire gets the deadly TIE Phantom with it's Stygian cloaking system, enabling it to appear out of thin air to strike unwary pilots.  The TIE Defender rounds out the offering with it's versatile mix of heavy weapons, great speed and agility coupled with shields and decent armour.  Essentially the Defender is going to be one of the best fighters in the game and a real challenge for Rebel players to knock out.

So the guides for these ships will be finished next week if all goes well, but expect at least two of the guides to be done by weeks end. 


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