Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Video's are back baby!

Yep after farting around with the computer for a while I discovered that my issue regarding Shadowplay was in fact something of my own creation.  After discovering that the process for shadowplay was indeed trying to start, it was being shutdown by the task manager a few seconds later. 

Well after checking a few things I decided to reactivate a process I had previously deactivated in services on Windows 7.  After telling this to turn back on I found that shadowplay works fine and as such my video's can once again be made (in small windows anyway).  So yes it was my own idiocy that caused this issue.  Still it's good to know it was me and not something to do with Nvidia's drivers or more importantly my system.

So it now begs the question: what will I record next?  Well there a few ideas on the table.  Arena Commander is apparently due out soon, so that is pretty much a definite.  I will likely record a few rounds of that with game audio and me narrating with my thoughts and opinions on how it turned out.

This month will see more videos for my company of heroes 2 series since the Western front armies are out around June 20th.  In the immediate future I think I may review something, possibly War Thunder's new tanks and maybe some other games I have been tinkering with like The Banner Saga and Shank 2.

There is a lot to choose from in my PC library.  Originally I was going to produce footage for the newly released Watch Dogs but that turned out to be less than stellar and I also spent a lot of money on a new board game called Heroes of Normandie, definitely something people should check out by the way.

Anyway keep your eyes peeled for some new footage from me soon and thanks for visiting me here at Critical Rocket.


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