Thursday, 12 June 2014


Recently I have felt like I finally hit a milestone here with this little one man blog o' mine.  But I have also been acutely aware that I may be somewhat behind the curve, quite considerably in fact.  Youtube does allow users like myself and millions of others to upload footage of their games and share their views and opinions on every topic in the world you could name, but really it seems the gaming media has moved on.

Youtube is still viable, but for the more modern approach it seems like Twitch has become the new way to get yourself out there.  Since starting my shadowplay experiments I have been aware of the ability to twitch stream online using the in built software to broadcast, and a while ago before I ever had a graphics card capable of supporting video recording I had made an account on Twitch.  After testing the system and still not being absolutely 100% with it's inner workings I have been musing a potential day for twitch streaming some games I play on the PC.  It's not like I have a shortage of titles to play and being able to stream them without the worry of recording would certainly make things easier.

Next week I may give it a try.  I have been playing a fair amount of State of Decay, Battlefield 4 and Marvel Heroes recently so maybe I will broadcast some of that for the scant few people actually interested in me talking while I play.  Of course this doesn't mean I won't continue reviewing games.  I have been waiting for some titles to release to make videos of.  I will be reviewing Company of heroes 2 Western Front Armies at the end of the month with gameplay of me as both the U.S. and Oberkammando west forces.  Might stream them also.  I also have a new Dynasty Warriors Gundam game coming at months end on PS3 to review.  The Summer lull does make things difficult but I am sure I can scrounge some stuff up.

Anyway thanks for reading and I will post up times and days when I decide to stream footage on twitch along with any other information, like my twitch account name :)


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