Monday, 30 June 2014

Quick update

It may appear that I haven't been posting for the last 3 or 4 days, but in fact I have.  The new guides for X-Wing wave 4 are being completed.  Currently the Z-95 and E-Wing guides are complete.  Later today the TIE Defender will be finished and the day after will be the TIE Phantom's turn. 

Outside of that I am working on making two new Company of heroes 2 videos that show off the newly released US and OberKommandoWest armies added.  They will be up this week hopefully.

Mechwarrior Online is also on the cards.  I plan to make videos of me playing in each of the new Clan Battlemechs added earlier in June from the nimble Adder up to the deadly DireWolf.  I also intend to make videos of each of the Inner Sphere 'mechs also.  Each video will show me winning so the 'mech doesn't look like shit =p

So yes, sorry about the lack of front page updates but things are happening.


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