Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mechwarrior Online - The Mighty Thor!

Sorry about the delay here folks.  I have been titting around with the functionality of shadowplay and finally think I am comfortable with how it all works.

So going forward I am planning on running an hour or two on twitch every friday playing whatever I fancy really, but there is plenty to choose from.  I will archive these posts and upload them to youtube also.  As far as reviews go I will probably record footage in game using shadowplay anyway, which means you will get the crappy boxed footage but it's better than nothing.

Anyway I thought I would link my first twitch broadcast here.  It's close to two hours in length, but shows off the new clan tech in MWO with me piloting a Summoner or Thor (depending on your allegiance) and mostly failing :)


You will hear dialogue from me talking to someone else in the room.  Sorry if that is distracting, but since it's my first proper use of Twitch I had to have another person using it to see how it was running.  Again sorry for any distraction there, but future broadcasts will be free of such distractions.....hopefully =p

Anyway enjoy folks.

Watch live video from CriticalRocket on TwitchTV


mrslayer777 . said...

i'm not a distraction i'm your brother :)

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