Saturday, 14 June 2014

Exclusives in the console world can suck my balls

E3 happened this year and personally I am disappointed.  Not because of the games, not because of the announcements but because of the exclusives.  I fucking despise the idea of exclusive console games.  The very idea has always annoyed me really.  The fact that an entire section of gamers are basically up shit creek unless they drop upwards of £300 for the console to play said exclusive pisses me off no end.

Now yes I can see why companies do it, they all feel they need some kind of special game to shift a console.  I saw this with the Nintendo and Megadrive/Genesis with their exclusive IP's like Metroid, Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Streets of Rage and more.  Back then it was the deciding factor in a child's loyalty to a certain console and started the fanboy wars of that console generation.  These days I don't see why the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft need to keep paying out ridiculous amounts of cash for exclusives.  They are all established and highly popular companies that have a large built in fan base so people already have their minds made up on what console they will be buying next generation cycle.

I personally see the appeal of all three consoles but the exclusives announced during this years E3 don't make me want to suddenly rush out and buy a Wii U or Xbox One.  The only effect it has is to make give them the finger, I would be giving the finger to Sony if I didn't own a PS4 either.  I know certain brands are also considered "part of the identity" but seriously, why should games like Uncharted, Halo and Super Smash Bros. be only on their respective systems?  I feel they developers are owed more to see their work played by everyone on every system, PC included if it was feasible to port the game to that platform also.

Speaking of PC it could be called out on a similar line of thinking, but the major differences between what the consoles can do and what PC's are capable of are numerous.  Yes titles like Total war, Star Citizen, Mechwarrior Online, ARMA, DayZ and many more are PC exclusive but not because the developers are bound by contract or not interested, it's because the PC allows the developer to make these games.  Maybe one day the PC and consoles will be on a level field but at that point why even bother with a console?

In closing I feel that a three console system is good, competition is healthy for the industry and more importantly for the consumer, but exclusive DLC, games and other content only serves to fracture the players and really hinder the industry as a whole.


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