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Critical Rocket's most anticipated of E3 2014

Well the Summer lull is upon us in the gaming world.  There ain't that much great stuff to look forward for the next month or two now outside of the odd release here and there.  This period is reserved for the diehards to complete their back catalogue of games from earlier in the year and every gaming website to go into over drive with previews of this autumn and winters biggest titles.

Obviously one of the biggest gossip spinners in the gaming universe is E3 which has over the years had it's ups and downs.  Last year was pretty memorable for it's console reveals and how Microsoft nearly flubbed it entirely with their presentation.  Sony screwed up also in parts but in no way was it close to that of Microsoft.  Still both mega powers exist today and this year will probably be business as usual.  We already know some of the big names that will be there such as The Witcher III: The wild hunt, Destiny and Assassin's Creed Unity. 

The games I am looking forward to seeing can be easily listed by checking good old wikipedia.  So by publisher here are the titles I am looking forward to seeing and why.


  • Evolve - Basically it looks like one hell of a laugh online.  The premise is that four players are the hunters sent in to kill a dangerous alien monster that threatens to destroy colonial equipment vital for the colonists survival.  The other player is that monster and they have to avoid the hunters long enough to 'evolve' into a true fighting machine.  The hunters have to work together to wear down the beast, using their class skills and equipment as a unit.  Since it's made by the people who brought you Left4dead this will no doubt be fucking awesome.
  • Borderlands: The pre-sequel - Despite my general apathy toward anything Gearbox does outside of Borderlands, they do know how to make a great cooperative shooter.  The pre-sequel tells us the story of Handsome Jack prior to his rise as the head of Hyperion corporation.  The players take the roles of familiar faces from Borderlands and Borderlands 2, giving you a different viewpoint on the events of the first two games.
  • WWE 2K15 - It will be interesting to see if 2K will do anything different with the WWE license post THQ.  I would expect a whole new graphics engine, better animations, new voice work, better entrances, a larger roster than previous titles, more characters in the ring and just generally a bigger and better experience than previous titles.  I do fear though that none of this will happen and we will be given another mediocre title similar to their TV product.

  • Sniper Elite III - 505 don't make much but they do make one of my favourite world war two games.  Sniper elite is just silly fun really, highly unrealistic and nowhere near close to being historically accurate, it does give you some awesome shots of what a snipers bullet does to the human skull.
Activision Blizzard

  • Destiny - Honestly I didn't see myself being pumped for this game originally, but it does look quite fun and the idea of having a large world with cooperative elements to shoot aliens in is never a bad thing.  The release is close for this game and it will really make or break the fortunes of the next generation consoles in my opinion.  If it pays off it will be huge, otherwise it will be a mega flop of Duke Nukem proportions.
Namco Bandai

  • New Dragonball Project - No official name, but it's not like the official name will sound much better.  The Dragonball series has always been something of guilty pleasure for me personally.  The recent game was a slight dud but still fun.  Hopefully this next gen outing will be something that blows fans out of the water with hundreds (yes hundreds) of characters, amazing ultimate attacks and some new ways to fight like a true Z warrior.
  • Naruto Shippudden: ultimate ninja storm revolution - A contender for longest title in gaming I can't help but enjoy the Naruto gaming series.  The animations are to die for and the quality of the graphics are astounding.  This year will apparently have around a hundred playable characters although I assume twenty of them will alternate versions of Naruto and Sasuke, but either way the game looks promising and a better outing than Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 was.
  • Tales of Xillia 2 - I do like a JRPG that allows local coop.  The previous game was fun and this title looks to build on that success.  Although it has probably been out in Japan for a year or two now, the western release is much appreciated.
Electronic Arts

  • Battlefield Hardline - I know some people like to view EA as the evil empire and everything but they do produce some great games.  Hardline is no exception by the look of it.  Basically it's battlefield but with cops and robbers, a perfect combination.  Plenty of urban environments to fight around coupled with bank heists, car chases and gadgets.  It's being made by Visceral who brought us Dead Space so at least it's a competent developer.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition - Hopefully this will be a better outing than the Dragon age 2.  This title will no doubt have some major improvements being made for the PS4 and Xbone and so far from the bits and pieces we have seen it will be a more grand experience that really shows off more of the world created for the series.
  • EA Sports UFC - I suck at these games, but the fighting looks sublime.  Since it's made by the folks who made EA Fight night this title will no doubt be awesome.  The whole Bruce Lee promotional thing is gimmicky but shit it really does look like Bruce Lee in game.
  • Star Wars Battlefront III - Yes DICE had a rough time with Battlefield 4 and we still haven't forgiven them for botching the launch so badly, but Star Wars in frostbite 3 should be a good way to make it up to us.  So long as they have space combat, ship boardings and massive ground battles they cannot fuck this up........right?

  •  Uncharted IV - Although the outcome of this title may be somewhat up in the air due to key people leaving Naughty Dog recently, I am confident that this will still kick ass.  It's being directed by the team who brought us The last of us so if nothing else the story will be quite good and the pacing will feel right.  Outside of that they just need to have some artefact for Drake to find and some ethnic minorities to shoot with some puzzles sprinkled in and we're good to go.

  •  Assassin's Creed: Unity - Set during the French Revolution this game will probably not break the mould for AC games.  Still the setting will be interesting to visit and I can't help it, I'm a sucker for the franchise these days.  
Warner Bros.

  •  Batman Arkham Knight - I am dubious about this one from a E3 perspective since I don't want to spoil anything for myself when it launches next year.  But it's Batman, it's rocksteady it will be best game of 2015 end of.
  • Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor - Yeah it doesn't look like anything Tolkien would ever approve of, nor would the fans but still it looks fun and I love me some open world gaming.  The basic premise is that you're a ranger guarding the gates of Mordor, you get killed and for some reason resurrect with the powers of a Wraith.  With that you wander into Mordor to exact revenger and kill a lot of Orcs.
  • The Witcher 3 - Another game I am at odds with seeing the footage of simply because the game will no doubt be great when comes out next February.  My only concern is whether the fanboys can wait that long without storming the headquarters of CDProject Red and forcibly take the game from them.
So overall there are quite a few games I am looking forward to seeing.  And these are the ones we know are going to be there.  There are titles not yet revealed to be wowed by (hopefully).  There are other major titles that will be shown of course, but I have zero interest in them such as Metal Gear Solid V, Mortal Kombat X, Dying Light, Tom Clancy's the division and more.  These will probably be good games and my not listing them isn't to say they are bad in any sense but I just don't have the interest in them.


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