Friday, 6 June 2014

Arena Commander footage

Hello again folks.  Today I have some footage of Arena Commander running in the Vanduul swarm mode.  This mode for people not in the know, is basically a survival wave based mode that see's you and a couple of AI friendly ships trying to take down progressively tougher waves of alien fighters.  In this case the Vanduul, who in the Star Citizen universe a large feline species who are extremely aggressive.

The three videos below show the basic gameplay using the mouse and keyboard setup as I don't have a HOTAS joystick for my gaming.  The game works well enough really and has plenty of room to grow into a good little arena shooter as more ships and modes are added in the coming months.  The ship I use in the video is the bog standard Aurora, a smallish vessel that works in multiple roles and can be considered this universes "my first spaceship" if you will.

Anyway enjoy the footage as I am aware some users have trouble running Star Citizen on their computers, so hopefully this will go some way to giving you an idea of what the basic combat mechanics will be like.  Please note though that this is from a very early build of the dogfighting game and will likely improve as time goes on.


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