Sunday, 11 May 2014

Video woes and X-Wing update

Sorry about the gap in between posts but I have been having trouble in regards to my video editing and cannot find a way around it.  Originally I used Windows Movie Maker to create the videos and everything was fine except it left massive black borders all around the video which looked kind of shit.  So I decided that clearly Movie Maker was the cause of the issue and decided to go out and buy a version of Corel's Videostudio Pro X series, specifically X5.  Sadly this made zero difference also and worse it was cutting the audio down to either two minutes or thirty odd seconds in every video.

So yeah I feel a little down about that and have since come to the conclusion that Shadowplay is the cause of these issues.  Since it's still in beta I can only assume that something to do with the encoding through shadowplay causes the video aspect ratio to screw up in programs like Movie Maker for whatever bloody reason.  Going forward I will still be making videos but using the microphone feature of shadowplay instead, which means no edits, effects or intro screens sadly.  Until I either find a new editor that works with the shadowplay videos or shadowplay itself becomes more customisable that's the position I am in.

What I was thinking of doing was recording footage of games with an introduction segment.  Some gameplay and then me talking over it afterwards with the game volume down so the voice isn't drowned out by gameplay.  Then I would link them to this blog and embed here for review posts etc.

Outside of the video woes there is some good news.  I will be receiving my long awaited GR-75 Transport for X-Wing tomorrow so the guide for that will be up this week, which is awesome.  I have been playing some more Battletech so I will be posting something about that soon.  Review wise I might do a video review of sorts on Guns of Icarus online since it is one of those games that really does something new and it deserves the publicity.

Well, thanks for reading folks, have a good week.


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