Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Video production halted again

For once though it is through no fault of my own.  After installing Nvidia's latest graphics update, specifically the 337.88 driver the option for me to use shadowplay has vanished.  Presumably this was a bug in their update and will be fixed sometime further down the line but for now it puts any video idea's I had on the shelf.

It's annoying really since the release of the long awaited dogfight module or Arena Commander for Star Citizen is out this Thursday and knowing how slow both ATi and Nvidia are with updates I will be missing that launch day by at least a week.  That is of course an optimistic update really as I have zero clue why they have done this. 

Outside of that though I will be continuing with my other posts.  Something wrestling related will be here this week along with some musings on the upcoming Pirates and Raiders DLC for total war Rome 2 amongst other things.  I do apologise for not posting as regularly as I once did, a member of my family has been pretty ill recently and well, it isn't looking too good.  If you don't see any posts here in the week (at least regular posts) it's not because I am becoming tired with Critical Rocket, it's because of other issues.

Thanks for reading, watching and commenting.  Have a good week and good games :)


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