Sunday, 4 May 2014

CCP lift the lid on Project Legion

This news was pleasant considering my view on CCP and it's limp offering on PS3 in the form of DUST 514.  Legion will be essentially a PC version of DUST with bigger maps, social interaction between Legion and EVE players and a much more open world feel like a traditional MMO game, especially one set in the sprawling universe of EVE.

Where DUST worked the angle of one off ground battles that influenced the ownership of vital assets on the planets, Legion will have much more open maps that combine PVE content with PVP.  Apparently we will be seeing an emphasis on the lawless side of EVE where players can never quite trust one another in the world and making sure you have someone who you trust will be essential to gathering resources and surviving the rigours of war.

I really like this announcement since it pretty much should have been what DUST was in the first place.  An online PC shooter that combined the massive space combat and intrigue of EVE with the massive potential of corporation warfare planetside.  It will be interesting to see how it approaches the combat elements and the free to play model they are going for.  If DUST is their template I worry they may gouge users for money at every turn, but hopefully looking at other models will influence their decision.

Now apparently DUST will limp on with a now effectively out of date console with more updates and content as time goes on.  This is good news for anyone who has dropped any amount of cash on the game but I do feel it may have been better to release DUST on the PC in the first place but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anyway here is some of the artwork shown at the fanfest this year but don't expect Legion anytime soon as rough estimates by CCP Shanghai are aiming for late 2015.


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