Saturday, 12 April 2014

Plans in motion

Well the graphics card situation I had has been resolved and I am now the owner of a Nvidia GTX760.  It's been quite some time since I had a Nvidia card my last being a 8600 if I remember correctly.  Up until now I was using ATi's offerings with my previous card being the now slightly outdated HD5700 a great card for it's time.

Now with this improved card in my system and the situation sorted I can begin with my plans to try and produce some video content for youtube.  It's going to be a while as I need to learn how this "shadowplay" software works and how I can use it in games to record footage but I intend to try and get some footage from titles like Total War Rome II, Mechwarrior Online, Battlefield 4, Guns of Icarus and more.

I might do video overviews of games I am playing, the usual stuff with me talking over pre-recorded footage and giving my thoughts on them.  Video reviews are a possibility with some titles.  I don't have the largest HDD's out there admittedly so it's all going to come down to how much each video will take up space wise and what kind of file type Shadow play uses.  Either way I am sure I can knock out some stuff in a rough amateur style much like this blog really.

I will try and post something video related in the next couple of weeks when I figure it all out and I am happy enough with the video I have recorded to post.

In other news the first of X-Wing's large ships are "on the boat" as fantasy flight put it, this model being the GR-75 Transport.  I expect to get my model sometime around mid to late May so I will be able to produce a new X-Wing guide next month to cover the gap of releases.  Pre-orders are also up for Wave 4 so I will also be dropping some money on getting at least 1 of each of these new fighters.

Anyway thanks for visiting, see you next week.


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