Saturday, 19 April 2014

First Impressions: Titanfall (Origin PC)

So yesterday I bought Titanfall digitally on PC for a knock down price of £26 from  Off the bat I would agree that the game isn't a full £40 release, it's short and feels small content wise.  Gameplay however is good. 

The teams of 6 seem relatively small and at first matches can feel empty until the Titans start falling.  These machines take up a sizable chunk of the map as they move and alter the dynamic of the field.  Combat is extremely frenetic and twitchy so if you liked Call of Duty then this will appeal.  The AI grunts on the map aren't just for decoration either, they give you experience, charge your titan metre quicker and make the maps feel more alive. 

Arguably these AI could be replaced with pilots but then the maps would be more like a cirque du soleil act with pilots jumping, wall running and cloaking everywhere and kills only coming from titans or jump kicking.  Still the combat does work and the maps aren't too small, but they aren't so big that you're away from the fight too long.

The graphics are good but some textures even on high look a little low resolution up close, but for the majority the game looks extremely detailed.  The game is definitely a great jump off point for a bigger and more impressive Titanfall 2 in the future.  More Titan types, guns and class roles wouldn't go amiss either.  The upcoming maps for Titanfall will keep people interested for a while but I do think Respawn need to create a major expansion to add more content or even allow players to create bigger lobbies for larger team games.

I will make a gameplay video soon (amongst other videos) and link that to my written review of the game.  Until then thanks for reading and have a good weekend folks.


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