Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Critical Rocket's first Youtube video available now!

Yes it finally happened.  Now this video is short and cheap but overall I am happy it came out the way it did.  Now the sound isn't great because I recorded this and then my voice separately so the game can be louder than me so I apologise for that.  However I intend to produce longer videos for War of the Vikings this week, specifically some of me playing the game and talking over it as I play.

I plan on doing a kind of semi regular set of gaming videos based on what I am running on my system.  So I won't be playing all the latest releases but I will be playing a wide variety of games hopefully.  The ones I have at the moment that are immediately available are the likes of:

Mechwarrior Online
War Thunder
World of Tanks
War of the Vikings
Guns of Icarus Online
Battlefield 4
Mount and Blade Warband
Mount and Blade Napoleonic wars
Total War Rome II
Company of Heroes 2
Red Orchestra 2 + Rising Storm

But trust me I have a lot of games to download and play for videos so there is zero chance of me running out of stuff to play.

For now here is the video.  Again sorry for the poor quality of the sound.


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