Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Blog update 29th April 2014

So things are coming along nicely at the moment.  The blog has reached a new record for hits around the 300,000 mark which is freaking awesome, thank you to everyone that has visited.  I know content has shifted recently from written articles and gone more video but it's mainly because it's a new thing for me and it's quite fun. 

Things are still set for the blog though.  In a few weeks I will be uploading my latest X-Wing guide for the GR-75 Transport and sometime the month after I will be adding the Tantive IV to that list.  Battletech is still rolling along with my next game coming up.  I will be taking notes of each rounds up's and down's as I play and try to take a few pictures of the board along with the lance's used during the game.

Written reviews will still be coming for the PS3 and PS4.  I recently got into Ni No Kuni: wrath of the white witch and will be reviewing that in a week or so.  In the mean time videos will continue for games such as Mechwarrior Online, Guns of Icarus Online and more.  I may even go back through previous reviews for PC titles and record some gameplay for use in the review pages themselves so you can see the game in action, but it may be better for future titles instead.

And alongside all of that, anything that catches my eye will be posted here in my usual ranty format :)  Thanks for reading, have a good week folks and very soon may the 4th be with you.


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