Friday, 4 April 2014

Battletech Page coming to Critical Rocket

Very recently I got to play my first serious game of Battletech the 1980's tabletop wargame/roleplaying game created by the now defunct FASA corporation.  Battletech is still very much alive and well just under new owners Topps, who licence the intellectual property to Catalyst Game Labs. 

Most people out there nowadays will probably recognise Battletech in it's computer game form using the name Mechwarrior.  Mechwarrior has been a popular series since the 90's and has seen numerous iterations, the most recent being the free to play MMO game Mechwarrior Online.  As some of you know I am a regular player of Mechwarrior Online or MWO as it's abbreviated and have at times posted about the community and the games somewhat loose interpretation of the original tabletop games rule system.

But recently I was mulling over the potential blog additions I could come up with.  Currently I list X-Wing items for the community there and I am very happy to have provided a quick reference for those players.  I admittedly don't play as much X-Wing as I would like and so I am behind on the tactics used and builds that are popular, but I happily pay to obtain these frankly amazing models. couple of weeks back I managed to get a reprint copy of the Battletech introductory boxed set produced by Catalyst and it's frankly awesome.  It has plenty of models, books and maps to keep you playing for weeks before even considering buying any of the supplementary items and new battlemechs.  I whole heartedly recommend this box to any fan who missed it the first time because it has so much cool stuff to look through and get you back into the battletech groove.

I have also been painting some of my models and will probably add these to the blog under a new section specific to Battletech.  Like X-Wing it's one my great loves in the wargaming genre and now that I am able to play it semi-regularly I can begin to build up a library of posts based around Battletech specifically and not have to focus on Mechwarrior alone.

So this would entail a few things really, the first of which would be my list of currently owned mechs and eventually adding images of them painted to my admittedly average skill.  The other thing I would love to do is create a full battle report with pictures of each turn and what happened during each round of combat.  This would require my gaming friends to agree to slowing down the entire match to write down each move and what happened but I think it be worth it each time a game is played.

Outside of that I will probably come up with something to bulk out the page but it's more content for the blog and new 'mechs will always be added.

Anyway thanks for reading folks.  My next update will be some more reviews for the recently released Age of Wonders III and a few PS+ game I was able to acquire.  Also a special Elder Scrolls Online review will be posted when my Girlfriend has played it more after it's release this friday.

See you next week :)


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