Saturday, 1 March 2014

WWE Analysed 2 - This shit never ends

So the royal rumble this year was ruined by the terrible decisions made by creative this year, the main issues being the exclusion of Daniel Bryan from the event and Batista winning the thing even though the crowd absolutely detested it.  But WWE aren't going to let little things like fan feedback get in the way of their "brilliant" plans.

I can't help but feel that Triple H is something of a lame duck manager.  He failed to get Sin Cara over, his choices regarding Bryan so far have only pissed off the fans more than actually enhanced the story, he has brought his friends back to win titles even though they have had their time in the sun and he recently ended up forcing CM Punk out of the company. 

On the Punk side it's not entirely Levesque's fault here but Punk obviously didn't see any benefit in being Triple H' bitch for a Wrestlemania match, since anyone who faces him at 'mania will end up being buried by the ageing cerebral assassin.  My recent issues with WWE really focus on the decisions made by creative that flies in the face of what the paying fan base actually want to see.

Batista is pretty much hated at the moment, he generates crowd chants of "bootista" and is currently telling people on twitter to "get a life" and generally flipping off the crowd.  His attitude since coming back is rotten and I am surprised Vince is allowing him to act the way he is.  Batista was always a big guy who got over when he wrestled regularly but what WWE seem to be missing here is that when you bring back an old face people like it.  Bring back an old face and put him in the title picture and fans will shit all over it.  Basically Batista just stepped over everyone including the current top face in Daniel Bryan, for a title match against robo-Orton at Wrestlemania.  This honestly couldn't get any worse as far as main events go and it will show when people either leave the arena or switch off when their match starts later this year in April.

Randy Orton is one of the most uncharismatic characters to ever grace wrestling, but he has somehow remained relevant due to a mix of nepotism, friendship with Hunter and for some reason people like him.  The issue with Orton is that we have seen it all before with this guy, he needs a break to come back with a slightly updated gimmick and a couple of new moves.  I don't hate the guy personally but his matches are all stale like his babyface counterpart John Cena.  The problem is WWE have no other regular heel for the faces to go up against these days.  Sure they have Brock Lesnar but he is only part time and generally works pay per views.  Alberto Del Rio has been squashed to oblivion by Bootista, Bray Wyatt will be buried by Cena soon so his credibility is due to decline leaving only characters like Barrett, Cesaro, Swagger and the Shield as the remaining heels.

If WWE had any sense they would be planning a triple threat main event to keep fans interested and also to get Bryan in the match to win the belt.  The guy is so fucking over it's like watching Stone cold again.  Not since the "what?" chant has someone been this over and WWE only want to squander it on pointless grudge matches and interference run ins by the likes of Kane.  And we all know why they don't like Bryan being over don't we?  Because he is small, he isn't ripped, he isn't a pretty boy and he considers himself a wrestler over being an entertainer.  Basically Bryan isn't what WWE want us to cheer for.  They want us to cheer for the Cena's and Ortons of the wrestling world because they spent years marketing these guys to us, selling them to us and telling us that they are the best the WWE has to offer.  When the crowd instead turn to a wrestler the company never expected to be anywhere near as popular as he is, they see their arse about it and bury him.  They even make kayfabe references to him being a B+ wrestler, not the quality they would like.  Well fuck you WWE, fuck you in your collective ass.

Even when they do eventually give Bryan a real title run his star will have fallen, not because he became stale or boring, but because fans became tired of cheering for a guy who never got anywhere.  This is what WWE is hoping will happen so they switch back to schilling their Cena merch and Orton merch.  "How dare the fans decide what they like, they shouldn't be thinking and deciding on their own" says WWE management.  "These fans only pay our wages, keep us in our homes, support our families, make us famous internationally, why should we listen to them?"

Sadly it's a trend in this company.  When the fans tell them what they want the company just puts it's fingers in it's ears and shouts loudly to drown out the noise, while they continue to run through the tripe they have decided to push on with.  Wrestlemania XXX is looking to be one of the most underwhelming cards in years and that's saying something.  We will see Cena bury the Wyatts, Bryan lose to Triple H and have one of the most unwanted main event matches in WWE history.  Lesnar against Undertaker will probably be the best thing of the night as usual and some of the midcard will likely be entertaining but the supposed main draws outside of 'taker will suck balls. 

Even if Bryan wins his match against Triple H it means nothing since it doesn't get him in kayfabe terms, any close to the title.  All he achieves is a victory over a cunt like Triple H.  The Wyatt's need to beat Cena or else they lose all of their momentum and become no better than the Nexus.  But this is WWE where common sense and fan feedback mean sweet FA.


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