Friday, 14 March 2014

TNA Analysed Lockdown special and other stuff.

So TNA in the UK was a success for the ailing company.  Big crowds, energetic crowds and more importantly invested crowds really made the events seem more like a real wrestling event instead of a theme park attraction.  Being English myself I know how rare it is to see the American talent come over here to put on a show, since it's so rare you always get big crowds for shows like Raw, Smackdown and Impact.  I imagine it's the same all over the world really being how rarely even WWE goes abroad for an event.

So TNA did well in their overseas tour and I am sure it was a morale boost for everyone in the company to actually wrestle in front of a real crowd, but upon their return to the US we see things return to normal.  Case in point the recently broadcast Lockdown event which is reported to have had roughly 900 people give or take.  Pictures have surfaced showing the huge number of empty seats in the arena and even during the show it wasn't hard to miss the blank spots in the attendance.

But usual attendance aside how way Lockdown?  Well it was better than your average episode of Impact in terms of wrestling.  Really TNA has never suffered where the actual wrestling is concerned and it has some great talent in it's every decreasing roster.  But the matches themselves had a few WTF issues.  I am remembering these in no particular order, just as they come to me from memory but some things do raise questions.

What is the idea going forward with the Sam Shaw character after the whole American psycho angle ends?  When he is eventually defeated for good by Anderson and Hemme is safe once more, does he just move on to the next female in the company?  His gimmick seems like it only works the one time and then becomes tired immediately after. 

Willow made his screamy debut on Lockdown and it garnered near zero response from the small crowd in attendance.  Putting aside his lacklustre showing during the lethal lockdown match, I was surprised by Hardy's lack of innovation in his Willow character.  He just uses the same moves as his Jeff persona and wrestles exactly the same as him.  Why doesn't Willow act differently in the ring, throwing in a few different moves with a new finisher and signature move?  Without this it's just Jeff wearing a different mask and black and white facepaint.

Bobby Lashley turned up to squash ECIII to replace a legitimately injured Kurt Angle.  Funny thing with Kurt was his kayfabe promo where he said his knee was fine only to limp the entire time.  Lashley it turns out worked without a contract and it's likely he won't be hired full time by TNA considering the current low rate contracts they are running.  

The Abyss heel turn wasn't shocking, but what does he get from working with Magnus?  I doubt Abyss really wants money and Magnus doesn't seem like the most diplomatic character.  Obviously this was done to give Abyss a feud now he is no longer running the Joseph Park gimmick and Joe gets shafted out of a title run once again. 

Magnus continues to be booked as a weak champion who needs to cheat in every single match to win.  His current run has been coma inducing because of this and we can only guess how much longer he will have this belt before someone else gets it. 

The rest of the event was par for the course really, nothing special.  I am interested how the story developers surrounding Kazarian and Daniels who apparently will not be appearing in April.  Now the rumour mill has begun to spin and it seems to point at contractual issues once again.  TNA have been pushing lower paying contracts on talent once again and I wouldn't be surprised to read about them leaving much like AJ Styles a couple of months back.

TNA will continue to limp along for a while now and it will be interesting to see what develops regarding their TV deal with Spike and even a regular location to broadcast from since they lost the impact zone a while back now.  Until then we still have the excitement that is Dixie Carters promo's to look forward too........


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