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Star Wars X-Wing - Character and Ship guide - GR-75 Transport

I have to admit I wasn't exactly over the moon when this ship was first revealed last year.  The model looked amazing as all of the X-Wing line up does but this particular vessel had no offensive capability and compared to the Corvette looks weak.  How wrong I was, when I read about it's new powers and abilities this ship is became very interesting and it will be interesting to see what kind of combinations it can work with on the field.  It's most unique aspect is it's 'energy' stat which replaces the normal primary weapon value.

Faction: Rebel Alliance
Name: GR-75 Medium Transport
Statistics ÷
Energy: 4
Agility: 0
Hull: 8

The GR-75 or Medium Transport is an iconic vessel seen during the Alliances retreat from their hidden base on Hoth.  A large vessel at 90 metres long it is used primarily to transport large quantities of goods for the Alliance navy.  Popular in part to their sensor jammers and well protected hulls, these ships are virtually defenceless against attack and so need constant escort from fighters or large escort vessels such as the Nebulon B Frigate.

In X-Wing the GR-75 is used in the new Cinematic battle rules created specifically for these large ships.  Here we have a large ship that is incapable of damaging enemy vessels but can however act as a large support ship, transferring shields to nearby allies, jamming sensors amongst other abilities.  It has it's own dial and movement template along with new crew and equipment cards.  Uniquely this vessel also comes with a custom coloured X-Wing that has it's own pilot cards to further expand your squad options.

The GR-75 Transport is capable of performing the (Recover), (Reinforce), (Jam) and (Coordinate) Actions.

This expansion is quite different from previous releases.  The ship has crew instead of pilots obviously, so there is only one large ship/pilot card in the set.  The crew can be made up of several iconic Rebel characters such as Jan Dodonna while the pack also introduces several new pilot cards for the X-Wing, along with new droids and weapons.  It's quite substantial to say the least.

Expansion Content List:

Pilot Card:

GR-75 Medium Transport

X-Wing Pilot Card:

Wes Janson
Jek porkins
"Hobbie" Klivian
Tarn Mison
Red Squadron Pilot
Rookie Pilot

Crew Cards:

WED-15 Repair Droid
Carlist Rieekan
Jan Dodonna
Toryn Farr

Equipment/Upgrade Cards:

Expanded Cargo Hold
Tibanna Gas Supplies
Comms Booster
Frequency Jammer
Backup Shield Generator
Engine Booster
EM Emitter
Shield Projector
Slicer Tools
Combat Retrofit
Flechette Torpedoes (3)

Title Cards:

Bright Hope
Duty Free
Quantum Storm

Below is the only ship/pilot card for the GR-75 Transport with point cost and ability:

Name: GR-75 Medium Transport
Skill Value ÷ 3
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Crew (2), Ship Upgrade (3)
Squad Cost: 30

Well it's big, really big in fact and really opens up the doors for some pretty interesting scenarios for those of you out there who want to create new missions and run mini campaigns and the like.  The set comes with plenty of missions anyway, we all know about the three mission campaign that comes with the set which looks very good if you have enough models to cover it all.  What's interesting is that you can pick any ship from the set without time restriction, so you could use B-Wings as escorts for the transport for instance or even Kyle Katarn.  The ship itself has a lot of pretty interesting support abilities that can buff friendlies and really hurt enemy fighters which will be listed below this.

Probably the thing a lot of Imperial players will want to watch out for is the ramming.  Any fighter that occupies the same space as the Transport is considered to have collided with it and instantly destroyed said fighter.  This makes positioning important but also creates situations where Rebel players can essentially use the Transport as a ram to kill off several fighters if need be.  The ship takes damage for each ship it collides with but if it takes out Darth Vader for instance, then it's only 1 hull damage and they lose a pretty expensive fighter.

Title ÷

Name: Duty Free
Ability: When Performing a jam action, you may choose an enemy ship at Range 1-3 (instead of at range 1-2)
Energy limit: +0
Cost: 2

Name: Quantum Storm
Ability: At the start of the end phase, if you have 1 or fewer energy tokens, gain 1 energy token.
Energy Limit: +1
Cost: 4

Name: Bright Hope
Ability: A reinforce token assigned to your fore section adds 2 (evade) results (instead of 1).
Energy limit: +2
Cost: 5

Huge Ship Upgrades ÷

Name: Expanded Cargo Hold - GR-75 Only
Ability: Once per round, when you would be dealt a faceup damage card, you may draw that card from either the fore or aft damage deck.
Cost: 1

Name: EM Emitter - Limited
Ability: When you obstruct an attack, the defender rolls 3 additional defence dice (instead of 1).
Cost: 3

Name: Engine Booster - Limited
Ability: Immediately before you reveal your maneuver dial, you may spend 1 energy to execute a white (forward 1) maneuver.  You cannot use this ability if you would overlap another ship.
Cost: 3

Name: Backup Shield Generator - Limited
Ability: At the end of each round, you may spend 1 energy to recover 1 shield (up to your shield value).
Cost: 3

Name: Tibanna Gas Supplies - Limited
Ability: Energy: you may discard this card to gain 3 energy.
Cost: 4

Name: Comms Booster
Ability: Energy: Spend 1 energy token to remove all stress tokens from a friendly ship at range 1-3.  Then assign 1 focus token to that ship.
Cost: 4

Name: Frequency Jammer - Limited
Ability: When you perform a jam action, choose 1 enemy ship that does not have a stress token and is at Range 1 of the jammed ship.  The chosen ship receives 1 stress token.
Cost: 4

Name: Shield Projector
Ability: When an enemy ship becomes the active ship during the combat phase, you may spend 3 energy to force that ship to attack you.  If possible, until the end of the phase.
Cost: 4

Name: Slicer Tools
Ability: Action: Choose 1 or more enemy ships at Range 1-3 that have a stress token for each shop chosen, you may spend 1 energy to cause that ship to suffer 1 damage.
Cost: 7

Crew ÷

Name: WED-15 Repair Droid - Huge ship only
Ability: Action: Spend 1 energy to discard 1 of your facedown damage cards, or spend 3 energy to discard 1 of your faceup damage cards.
Cost: 2

Name: Carlist Rieekan - Huge Ships onlyRebel Only
Ability: At the start of the activation phase, you may discard this card to treat each friendly ships pilot skill value as "12" until the end of the phase.
Cost: 3

Name: Toryn Farr - Huge ship onlyRebel Only
Ability: Action: Spend any amount of energy to choose that many enemy ships at Range 1-2.  Remove all focus, evade and blue target lock tokens from those ships.
Cost: 6

Name: Jan Dodonna - Huge Ship onlyRebel Only
Ability: When another friendly ship at Range 1 is attacking, it may change 1 of it's (hit) results to a (critical hit) result.
Cost: 6

Modifications ÷

Name: Combat Retrofit - Huge ship only.
Ability: Increase your hull value by 2 and your shield value by 1.
Cost: 10

Now the GR-75 is so large it also comes with it's own damage deck consisting of 20 cards in total, 10 for the aft and 10 for the fore section of the ship.  This is why the ship has two bases for determining attack angle and direction.  Below these are listed.  Anything with number in brackets means there are multiple of that card in the deck:


Command Pod Casualties (2)
Effect - Assign 1 stress token to 1 friendly small or large ship.  Then your opponent may assign 1 stress token to 1 of your small or large 1 ships.  Then flip this card facedown.

Reactor Leak (3)
Effect - When you execute a maneuver, reduce the amount of energy you gain by 1 (to a minimum of 0).

Projector Power Failure
Effect - You cannot perform the reinforce action unless you have at least 3 energy.

Reactor Cowl Rupture
Effect - When you perform a recover action, you cannot recover more than 2 shields.  You must still spend all of your energy.

Engine Damage (3)
Effect - When you execute a maneuver, if the speed of that maneuver plus the number of faceup "engine damage" cards you have equals or exceeds 5, you must skip your "perform action" step this round. 


Hull Breach (2)
Effect - Place 1 of your upgrade cards under this card.  You cannot use that upgrade card while this card is faceup. Energy: Spend 2 energy to flip this card facedown.

Broadcast Malfunction
Effect - You cannot perform the jam action.  Action: Roll 1 attack die.  On a (hit) result, flip this card facedown.

Secondary Drive Failure
Effect - You must spend 1 energy to perform any action.

Damaged Stabilizers (2)
Effect - When you execute a bank maneuver (left or right), suffer 1 damage.  If you draw a damage card, draw it from the fore damage deck.  Action: Roll 1 attack die.  On a (hit) result, flip this card facedown.

Direct Hit (4)
Effect - This card counts as 2 damage against your hull.


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