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Star Wars X-Wing - Character and Ship Guide - E-Wing

My first encounter with the E-Wing was during my gaming days on TIE Fighter Defender of the Empire where many expanded universe ships first made their appearance.  It was a cool ship that was apparently better than the X-Wing.  Visually it looks great and will work great for some post ROTJ scenarios.

Like the TIE Defender this ship will be functionally the same for the Rebel side, being a more advanced fighter developed to meet the demands of Republic fleet command during the Dark Empire crisis.  It will be interesting to see how this compares to the fan favourite X-Wing and TIE Defender on the table.

Faction: Rebel Alliance
Name: E-Wing Escort Fighter
Statistics ÷
Primary Weapon Value: 3
Agility: 3
Hull: 2
Shields: 3

The E-Wing was the first fighter developed with support from the recently reborn New Republic.  Freitek inc. intended to create a fighter that would either compare or exceed the now ageing X-Wing.  Unfortunately the design failed to live up to these lofty expectations and suffered numerous technical issues concerning it's laser cannons and newly created R7 astromech units.

The R7 series had been built specifically for the E-Wing to further enhance the crafts already impressive specifications being a combination of speed, firepower, agility and armour.  The fighter is heavily armed with three laser cannons and torpedo launchers similar to the X-Wing.  Despite it's initial problems with the astromech units and laser cannons, the fighter matured into a reliable design that served with distinction during some of the galaxies worst crises.

All E-wing pilots are capable of performing the (Focus) (Target Lock) (Barrel Roll) and (Evade) actions.

Expansion Content List:

Pilot Cards:

Knave Squadron Pilot
Blackmoon Squadron Pilot
Etahn A'Baht
Corran Horn

Equipment Cards:

Flechette Torpedoes
R7 Astromech
Advanced Sensors

Below is a list of E-Wing pilots in ascending order of skill along with points cost and abilities. 

Name: Knave Squadron Pilot
Skill Value: 1
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Astromech, Torpedo, Sensors
Squad Cost: 27

Name: Blackmoon Squadron Pilot
Skill Value: 3
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Astromech, Torpedo, Sensors
Squad Cost: 29

Name: Etahn A'Baht
Skill Value: 5
Pilot Ability: When an enemy ship inside your firing arc at Range 1-3 is defending, the attacker may change of it's (hit) results to a (Critical hit) result.
Upgrades: Astromech, Torpedo, Sensors, Pilot Upgrade
Squad Cost: 32

Name: Corran Horn
Skill Value: 8
Pilot Ability: At the start of the end phase, you may perform one attack.  You cannot attack during the next round.
Upgrades: Astromech, Torpedo, Sensors, Pilot Upgrade
Squad Cost: 35

The E-Wing is a slightly more advanced X-Wing in a nutshell.  It trades one less hull for one extra agility but keeping the same amount of firepower and shields.  It does however have the Barrel roll and evade actions unlike it's famous predecessor.  However the ship does have a higher average cost compared the X-Wing so you will really need to consider your strategy before bringing this ship to the table.  On the upside though the two unique pilots for these ships do have very respectable abilities.  Corran can deliver the killing blow to his targets in a single round by attacking twice.  Imperial players will have to consider actions such as barrel roll when playing as they may well roll into Corran's sights and get taken out.

Etahn can also deliver crippling damage by turning any one of his hits to a critical which can pretty much ruin a TIE pilots day right there.  Essentially though these fighters are for the tactical player who assesses  his options and carefully chooses cards that further amplify the E-Wing's already powerful capabilities.  Being able to pick and choose several sensor options from different expansions, coupled with a wide range of astromech droids and torpedoes can make any single E-Wing a deadly adversary on the table.

Astromech Droids ÷

Name: R7 Astromech
Ability: Once per round when defending, if you have a target lock on the attacker, you may spend the target lock to choose any or all attack dice.  The attacker must reroll the chosen dice.
Cost: 2

Name: R7-T1
Ability: Action: Choose an enemy ship at Range 1-2.  If you are inside that ships's firing arc, you may acquire a target lock on that ship.  Then you may perform a free boost action.
Cost: 3

Weapons ÷

Name: Flechette Torpedoes
Damage: 3
Range: 2-3
Ability: Attack [Target Lock]Discard this card and spend your target lock to perform this attack.  After you perform this attack, the defender receives 1 stress token if it's hull value is "4" or lower.
Cost: 2

Pilot Skill ÷

Name: Outmaneuver
Ability: When attacking a ship inside your firing arc, if you are not inside that ship's firing arc, reduce it's agility value by 1 [to a minimum of 0].
Cost: 3

Sensors ÷

Name: Advanced Sensors
Ability: Immediately before you reveal your maneuver, you may perform 1 free action.  If you use this ability, you must skip your "perform action" step during this round.
Cost: 3


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