Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rocksteady unveil Batman Arkham Knight

A day or so ago now, British developer Rocksteady revealed their trailer for the third and final part of their Arkham trilogy.  For those not in the know, the Arkham series is a collection of Batman related games set in a free roaming environment featuring gadgets, fisticuffs and amazing storytelling wrapped up with top quality voice talent.  If you haven't played Arkham Asylum or Arkham City then this would be the time to take the plunge.  Don't be confused by Warner interactives prequel game though, Arkham Origins, which is a third party game set before Asylum.  It's not a terrible game but compared to it's forerunners it has a few rough edges.

So what do we know about this third part?  Well here is a list below.

  • The batmobile will play a major part in gameplay terms.  Batman can quickly traverse the new game world at high speeds, hitting jumps, smashing walls and barricades and allowing Batman to eject quickly for a glide before stopping itself.  It looks huge compared to his original car seen in Asylum and who knows we see new gameplay such as car chases and even car gadgets.
  • The new map is made up of five large areas of Gotham city.  The world far bigger than Arkham city and everything will seamlessly flow into one another with no load times for both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Thugs are now more prevalent around the city and can apparently attack in groups as large as fifty at a time, a serious increase in the amount of good muscle on show from previous games.
  • Batman can now perform aerial takedowns as he glides toward his foes, throwing batarangs and delivering kicks as he reaches the ground.  He can now perform quick ground takedowns as part of combo's and basically be more badass than ever.
  • More gadgets will be added to the bat's arsenal following the same method of previous games giving him more as you progress.
  • The story is set a year after the events of Arkham City with the gangs of Gotham coming together to fight the Bat.  Scarecrow has planted bombs around the city containing his new more lethal version of his fear toxin.  The city has been evacuated mostly but Batman will likely be saving civilians here and there.  
  • Returning villains so far are Penguin, Two face, Harley Quinn, The Riddler and Scarecrow but no doubt we will see the conclusion of stories concerning Hush, Killer Croc, Bane and more.
  • Kevin Conroy returns to provide the voice for Batman along with Nolan North (Penguin) Troy Baker (Two Face) Tara Strong Charley (Harley) and Wally Wingert (The Riddler).
  • No multiplayer will be in Arkham Knight, sorry guys we won't be seeing the dynamic duo clearing the streets of Gotham anytime soon.
  • New arch villain.  Yes a totally new enemy for Batman not seen in the previous games.  Now theories will abound about who this is.  I am betting on it being Hush since he is described as being similar to Batman in many ways and even wears a similar costume sans the cape.  Expect people to start shouting about it being a Lazarus pit Joker.
  • Harley Quinn is playable this time around like Robin was previously as a preorder exclusive.  

So that is what we know and it's quite a lot, but there is probably so much more to be revealed and later found within it's map for players.  I personally would like to see the return of previous playable characters like Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman either as challenge mode options or even as part of the main story.

I am a little worried we will be seeing another fetch quest related Riddler campaign but hopefully they won't be quite as egregious as Arkham City was.  Still it's not a major issue, it just stretches the series a little by having Batman hunting around for these trophies for a third time. Anyway here is the reveal trailer.  It's all CG but it's Batman so it rocks :)


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