Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fantasy Flight Games announces Rebel Aces expansion for X-Wing

Well things have been busy on the X-Wing front lately, which is a good sign.  It was only a matter of time really after the announcement of the Imperial Aces months back that we would see a Rebel counterpart.  Although I didn't expect the set to include these two ships, but they are pleasant surprises none the less.

First up we have a gorgeous looking blue A-Wing which matches the prototypes colour scheme.  The detail seems to really pop on this model compared to the A-Wing we are currently accustomed to and a squadron of blue A-Wings will look pretty swish on the board.  Obviously this set comes with some new pilots for both ships and the example pilot we have for the A-Wing is Jake Farrell who makes good use of the fighters agility to chain actions during play.

The B-Wing isn't quite as hot in my opinion but that won't dissuade me from buying it.  This B-Wing is based on the colour scheme used by the first active squad in the Alliance fleet, Dagger Squadron.  Sporting their unique scheme of red highlights on the cockpit and weapons, this fighter will no doubt be a stand out piece on the table.

The example pilot we have for Dagger Squadron is Keyan Farlander who uses his B-Wings stress tokens to change all focus rolls into hits.  A nasty surprise for any TIE pilot who thinks him an easy target after a koiogran turn.

Additionally new upgrade cards are in the set for a total of thirteen, ranging from new weapons, titles, crew and upgrades this set also sees the first card that reduces your overall squad cost by two points.  Finally we also have a new scenario much like that in the Imperial Aces expansion.  This scenario pits the rebel aces against waves of TIE's as both sides fight to secure an escape pod adrift in nearby asteroid field.

Overall it's great to see what the rebels get to counter the threat of the Emperors elite squadrons.  No doubt further down the line we will see other ace expansions that add the likes of X-Wing's, Y-Wing's and TIE's.  Couple this with the soon to be released GR-75 Transport and Tantive IV expansions and wave four later this year, it's going to be quite the busy year for us X-Wing fans.

Until next time folks, have a good week. 


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