Thursday, 27 March 2014

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Delayed and assignments suck

Now I'm not a premium member of the whole Battlefield 4 clusterfuck at the moment, likely I never will be but I do intend on buying these new packs as they become available a few weeks later.  Naval Strike which was originally expected to release this Tuesday gone was delayed on both the PC and Xbone to ensure it launched without any technical issues.

Of course this is funny coming from the company and publisher who launched Battlefield 4 in such a state that it pretty much ruined the release of the DLC to begin with.  We all know about the plethora of issues that surrounded the game when it initially came out on PC, 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One.  Some of these issues still exist even after the multitude of patches that have come out since and it's likely we will never see a version of Battlefield 4 that runs as smoothly as was advertised.

I guess we should be glad that both EA and DICE decided against releasing a new piece of content that had the potential to break the game again or at least leave a black mark on the pack itself.  It certainly looks fun with the carrier assault mode and new guns, hell even the 17th century cannons on the fort look fun to use.  The hovercraft looks kind of superfluous since it doesn't have any offensive quality and I imagine it's quite flimsy when it comes under fire.

My biggest gripe at the moment with Battlefield 4 is the assignment system which essentially locks your guns behind special walls that require a very specific knock to get through.  I personally don't agree with this assignment system because it makes it tedious to unlock weapons you have paid for.  I wouldn't mind so much if they are things that require a little grinding like get 2000 kills with assault rifles or repair over 20,000 points of damage as engineers.  It's still annoying but at least there is a reward waiting for you at the end of this road.

The guns which are a major part of any first person shooter should be available from the off with these DLC packs.  I don't see why to unlock a specific LMG I have to destroy 3 vehicles as a support.  No fuck that noise, give me my gun that I just paid for and put something else behind that crappy assignment.  Second assault has one assignment award paint schemes instead of equipment, so why don't they do that with all of them instead. 

The problem with this system in game is that you get people dicking around trying to achieve these goals rather than play as a member of a team.  You become a detriment because you are running around with C4 trying to blow up tanks for a gun when other players need ammo or suppressive fire.  I'm not saying these are impossible or anything but they don't make sense.  Why does the criteria need to be so fucking stupid or specific.  Why are some of them 'in a round' based instead of just being over time.  The sniper's nest assignment is a pain in the ass for that and you see entire teams all camping the towers on caspian and firestorm just to get 5 kills.  If it was over time you wouldn't get so many people doing dumb shit like that.

This has been a bit of a rant and I know that isn't the most constructive element of any blog post.  But I needed to get it out of the way.  I do applaud DICE for holding back Naval strike to ensure it works properly to keep people happy and it's nice to see they are continuing to patch this game every month.  The assignments will stay and no doubt when Battlefield 5 rolls around we will be stuck with that once more but I guess that's Battlefield life for you :)


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