Sunday, 9 February 2014

X-Wing Wave 4 announced

No sooner had I launched my new X-Wing page here at Critical Rocket, did Fantasy Flight Games announce Wave 4.  And to be honest it looks fucking amazing!

So what is in our new wallet taxing wave?  Well on the Rebel side we have the iconic Z-95 Headhunter a sort of precursor to the famous X-Wing.  It's armed with a pair of cannons and a missile tube so it's not exactly weak, but according to FFG it will be cheaper than the TIE fighter to field.  This revelation is pretty substantial as you can now swarm the Imperial players with a group of fighters equipped with missiles and shields.

The other Rebel ship is the more advanced E-Wing a fighter designed to succeed the X-Wing during the post Rebellion era.  Compared to the Headhunter this fighter is more expensive but mounts as much weaponry as the X-Wing but also keeps the agility and speed of the A-Wing.  Essentially it's the Alliance's most advanced design to date.

On the Imperial side we have the iconic TIE Defender, a truly advanced fighter that spares no expense to provide the speed, defence and agility needed for Imperial elites.  The defender mounts missiles, cannons, shields and a hyperdrive unit.  Like the E-Wing this ship is the pinnacle of Imperial fighter engineering and it will be interesting to see these two ships go head to head out there.

To round out the wave we have the fan favourite TIE Phantom.  Designed to utilise the highly advanced stygium crystal cloaking device, the fighter sacrifices durability for the perfect hit and run capability.  A true menace to Rebellion pilots this fighter will be capable of some truly underhanded tactics out there.
For me this is fantastic news since the opportunities for new scenarios have just gone through the roof.  The Z-95 alone has tonnes of potential in it being a Rebel training fighter, local planetary defence fighter and as FFG have added a new bandit vessel.  The Z-95 can now act as a third party vessel alongside the Y-Wing, HWK-290, Firespray 31 and YT-1300.  I am really looking forward to creating new scenarios involving the Headhunter taking on both Rebel and Imperial fighters and that is the tip of the iceberg.

These new ships are apparently expected around Q2 this year although with the typical Fantasy Flight releases this will probably be pushed back at least once.  Either way it gives us all time to save up for this brilliant new set.


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