Friday, 14 February 2014

EA's Rich Hilleman talks complete shite

And we are back, the short technical difficulty was solved and the culprit was a power supply that was struggling to keep up with the new hardware.  That aside I want to talk about something that really irked me recently regarding Battlefield 4 and it's launch.  Now this story is a few days old now and people have probably picked through it more thoroughly by now but I just wanted to vent my frustration about these statements made Rich Hilleman, EA's chief creative officer.

Rich here came out to defend the atrocious launch of Battlefield 4 by making some comical statements which are listed below:

"I think there was a lot of noise about [Battlefield 4], but some of that is a function of your surface area. The more customers you have, the more noise becomes available," he said. "We did things wrong. We know that. We’re gonna fix those things. We’re gonna try to be smart about what customers want in the future.
"But I’m not willing to accept--and I don’t think most of my customers are willing to say--'it's a bad product, I wish I didn’t buy it.' That’s not the conversation we’re having now. I think what we’re hearing is, 'You made a game we really liked. We would’ve liked it a little better if it didn’t have these problems.' Many of those problems we can fix, and we have and will."

OK chuckle nuts you go ahead and pretend that only a minority of Battlefield 4 players across all consoles and PC's have been legitimately complaining about the horrendous launch state of Battlefield 4.  I know this is damage control and everything but really? referring to fans/customers as "noise" is a pretty big dick move on his part.  I'm sure everyone who had a bugged launch title that barely worked at times loves to be referred to as noise. 

Now I will agree that Battlefield 4 is a better game than Battlefield 3 and I do enjoy it when it works, but this attitude is wrong.  He later states that the majority of issues stemmed from launching on new consoles but that doesn't explain why the PC launch was so fucked up, or even why the PS3 and 360 had major bugs either.  It's just lame excuses that don't fool anyone other than themselves.  If EA had just held off and not jumped ahead of Call of Duty they would have stood tall against their long time rival.  I probably would have bought premium and been looking forward to the release of Second Assault, instead of writing about the shitty launch of Battlefield 4.

The game has come a long way since it's initial launch state but it still doesn't work properly.  Players still have trouble joining servers, crashes are still an issue on some hardware configurations, battlelog is still buggy and doesn't award items properly and that's only a few of the issues facing the game currently.  No doubt DICE will eventually fix this clusterfuck and release the remaining downloadable content in a timely manner.  What I wonder is what the future of the franchise will be, it will probably sell well still but I can't see Battlefield 5 launching with as many players day one.  Gamers aren't drones who simply buy what you tell them too, they remember when they got screwed and EA you screwed them hard.


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