Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Critical Rocket X-Wing page update *UPDATED*

Ever since I started this blog a couple of years back now I never would have guessed I would get as many hits as it has over this shot amount of time.  By far my biggest success though is the Star Wars X-Wing guides which I started to produce when the game launched and ever since players of this excellent game have been linking my guides.

Firstly I would like to thank all of you who have bookmarked my site and used my guides, it's pretty cool to think I have made something that players find useful for their gaming time and since I have had so many hits for these guides alone I have decided to update the page with a new front page link to all things X-Wing related on the blog.

Tomorrow I aim to add this page as it currently needs a couple of last minute tweaks to make it easier to reference visually, but after that this will become the go to page for my guides without the need for separate bookmarks or even google searching them.  All you will need to do is bookmark the front page and click X-Wing from the top bar next to news, reviews etc.

Again thanks to everyone for using these guides and thank you FFG for making such an awesome tabletop wargame.


Well it launched today and was a day late but I think the results are fantastic and really help to make navigating my guides SO much easier than before.  Again thank you to all the X-Wing players out there who use my guides, I look forward to creating new ones for the Imperial Aces and GR-75/Corellian Corvette in the coming months.


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