Monday, 24 February 2014

Blog Update 24th Feb

Firstly I am sorry for a lack of new posts over the last week or so.  I got a new computer and things didn't go brilliantly really.  The first issue was the power supply up and died on me.  After replacing said power supply, my new graphics card decided to die too.  So while I wait for it's replacement to arrive I am using my old card.

Sadly this has de-railed some of my original plans.  One of my chief plans was to begin creating video content to use for PC game reviews and to build up a youtube a channel of things like Mechwarrior online matches, Guns of Icarus and Rome Total War amongst others.  I would really like to create videos detailing factions, units, weapons, maps and more for several games as a kind of video library of background fluff and the like.  I really love it when games have promotional videos of their game assets like the recent titanfall vids that showcased the different Titans.

Outside of that I have continued work on my X-Wing guides for the upcoming Tantive IV, GR-75 Transport and all of the wave 4 models.  These guides at the moment only contain some basic background info on the fighters and my personal reasons for looking forward to getting the ships along with their base stats which are known now thanks to the recent preview of them on the FFG site.  Expect these new preliminary guides to appear on the X-Wing section of the blog soon with their own icons and links. 

The other major thing I am looking forward too is getting a PS4 next month along with the new Infamous game.  Although this will likely be a slow year for new PS4 games and I don't see myself getting many PS4 titles due to the high cost, I do look forward to producing some twitch footage of Infamous Second Son and Killzone Shadowfall.

On the review front, I will be posting a review of last years media darling The Last of Us this week when I finish the game.  So far I have enjoyed it but I wouldn't give it the brilliantly glowing reviews everyone else has given it.  Assassin's Creed IV is also on the horizon along with another PC title.

Thanks for reading, have a good week folks.


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