Friday, 31 January 2014

WWE Analysed 1 - The Kilq rules in 2014?!?!

It's been a while since I posted anything in regards to the WWE mainly because in comparison to TNA it didn't do anything too stupid or random.  The main problem WWE has had over these last few years is a stubborn refusal to push newer talent and force the same main events on us time and again.  But recently WWE have begun to really make some truly backward ass decisions in several regards and with the recent departure of CM Punk (more on him later) I felt it was time to talk about the current product.

To start off I feel that the current direction of the WWE is only going to hurt them in the long run.  Triple H has begun to exert more power over the product and his almost fanatical belief in McMahons 'big man' preference in professional wrestling has already begun to show itself.  Daniel Bryan is the main example of this.  Entire arena's chant this guys name throughout the night, he has probably the most successful chant since "WHAT?" and to top it off he is a phenomenal wrestler who has proven time and again that he is main event quality every time.  Sadly he isn't built like a big rig and stands nine foot tall so top echelon WWE management don't think he will put butts in seats so Bryan is pretty much screwed.  He has lost his title in record time and despite proving his main event status he is being relegated to sideshow status while Randy Orton, the most robotic wrestler in history, continues to share the top spot with John Cena the modern day Hulk Hogan.

Daniel Bryan isn't the only one talented and well liked wrestler who has suffered due to WWE's dislike of the so called "little guy".  Dolph Ziggler another highly skilled and much loved wrestler by fans has been passed over for title shots and main event spots time and again.  It seems that being loved by the very people who attend the shows isn't good enough to deserve a push in the WWE.  It has been obvious now for months that despite the huge fan following for characters such as Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan the WWE still think that, we the fans, don't know what we want from a wrestling product.  I know it's their company but with such a fantastic forum to get feedback on your roster and your story decisions, they constantly seem to get it wrong.  Very rarely have the fans been able to actually influence the show outside of shitting on a match with Mexican waves, boring chants and cheering for the commentary desk.

It's not like they haven't had good idea's it's just they have failed to capitalise on them.  Daniel Bryan is the most obvious but then you have groups like the Shield who have been incredibly popular since their debut.  Dean Ambrose is incredibly over with fans but who do they pick out of the three?  Roman Reigns.  Now I think the Shield are all brilliant wrestlers and Reigns has gone from relatively boring looking big man, to dominant powerhouse in a remarkably short time and I don't begrudge his rise in fact I look forward to it.  My problem is that WWE once again fail to see that Ambrose was already massively over with the hardcore wrestling crowd and not once have they used that to build the Shield up even more.  No doubt the Shield will soon disband as Reigns has his singles run and Ambrose and Rollins continue as a tag team for a short time before being pushed further down the card. 

The Wyatt's are the other brilliant idea that creative came up with recently.  This creepy cultish Manson family wrestling team are straight out of the Attitude era with a fantastic mouth piece in Bray Wyatt or Husky Harris as was once he was known.  This group has had a rocky run in WWE with more losses than wins in their career and once again fans scream for the ultimate six man tag match in the Wyatt's versus the Shield.  WWE however think it would be better to bury them against Daniel Bryan and now John Cena.  Instead of building this group by having them recruit more of the family to become a major threat to the roster, they waste them in these feuds that do nothing to benefit either side.  Daniel Bryan didn't need to feud with the Wyatt's since he was already ridiculously over and the Wyatt family gained nothing in losing to the Uso's or Bryan except killing their heat with the fans.

The fans made their feelings known at the royal rumble this year when they pretty much shit on Batista and his victory there and you can see why.  Here comes a guy who walked away to try and play MMA fighter, failed and now has come back for another run at the top, cutting in line and taking a wrestlemania spot from one of the guys who has killed himself night after night for this company.  Batista apparently didn't take too well to the negative feedback and gave the crowd the finger and generally acted a complete tit when the camera's went off.  I agree Dave, how dare the fans have opinions of their own and want to see a current and popular wrestler in Daniel Bryan win the rumble. 

Triple H decided to calm the fans down by then mocking the entire fan base on this Monday's RAW.  This is because he is friends with Batista and basically he saw his arse over the fans giving his butt buddy a less than positive response.  The entire rumble smacked of Triple H's influence with Flair and Shawn being on the legends desk, The old age outlaws winning the tag titles, Kevin Nash having a spot in the rumble, and Batista winning the match.  Hell all the rumble needed was a run in by Sean Waltman and Scott Hall and the kilq would have been running the show.  This is a picture of what Triple H's WWE will look like people.

And then we have Punk who has left the WWE as of Monday 27th.  Now the details aren't exactly clear but his leaving is to do with not having the top spot in Wrestlemania and feeling generally passed over for the likes of Batista and The Rock.  To Punks credit he did say at a recent Q&A that he felt Batista was taking a spot from the younger guys who deserve it more and he is right of course, but I don't really see why he should have the top spot at 'mania.  That aside his departure is certainly a shock considering we are on the run up to Wrestlemania and he is being advertised for the Elimination chamber, although that will change soon.  Punk was fortunate to achieve his goals in the WWE by becoming one of the longest running champions in recent history and becoming one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE, going from indie darling to lower card ECW, mid card Smackdown to main event RAW.  His leaving though is indicative of frustrations held backstage by several talents who feel they have earned their spot in the Wrestlemania picture but are being left out in favour of giving time to people like Batista, Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan and potentially Sting. 

Overall WWE is the better product out there but if WWE continue to ignore the current fan trends and force feed us the same old shit, WWE risks becoming even more stale than it was before Bryan's rise to fame.


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