Wednesday, 29 January 2014

TNA Analysed 35 - Magnus becomes a little bitch

TNA have for once done something truly unheard of in the wrestling world.  Crowning a champion who is from the UK is something WWE have never and likely will never do.  So when Magnus won the belt it was pretty cool.  Sadly however TNA then decides to start running things like WWE by having their heels act like cowards the second they get hold of the gold.

Magnus had been booked strong in the bound for glory series.  He beat Samoa Joe, Sting and Bobby Roode in consecutive matches to build him up as a contender for the title.  Fans got behind him in a big way during the finals and he even had supporters during his cage match with Hardy.  Ever since getting the belt creative have been booking him as a inept and barely able to wrestle as evident in his two matches since becoming champion.

His match with AJ Styles saw him winning only after every single heel in the locker room got involved in the match while his more recent title defence against Sting again required back up from the heels.  It pretty much screams that without this level of interference Magnus would have been a champ for the grand total of a week if that.  It's not like Magnus is even a bad wrestler and considering how hard it can be get to American fans to cheer for foreign wrestlers I personally feel TNA fucked it up here big time.

When he does inevitably lose the belt during this mystery investor plot he will be noted as nothing more than a transitional champ.  How can you book him as a legitimate threat after this?  At least Bobby Roode won matches legit when he was champ for over a year but Magnus so far has shown zero ability to defend his belt when called.  The other downside of this plot is that is pretty much marginalises the recently debuted ECIII who was until recently on track to feuding more heavily with Sting.  Now that he has been relegated to Magnus sidekick I doubt we will see him make any attempt at the title for a while and become more and more obscure as time goes on as they always do with their newer talent.

If I was booking Magnus I would have had him win the title legit without any interference from Dixie so we can establish him as a genuine champion.  Then when AJ came back to declare himself the real champion I would have had Magnus take offence at this and challenge AJ to a unification match.  At this point Magnus would still be a face but Dixie would be offering to help him if he needs it.  Magnus would fight AJ and win a tough match without the aid of Dixie, maybe even having Magnus throw out a few people who try to assist him.  Now that he is the true champion and is still strong from his win over AJ, he would then begin to turn heel by accepting gifts from Dixie and attending parties she invites him to etc.

Magnus could then feud with Gunner who has the next title shot, while Sting would wrap up his feud with ECIII.  Magnus would turn heel during his match with Gunner but after winning legitimately via beatdown and becoming hugely arrogant.  His victory over Hardy and AJ making Magnus act like a complete asshole to the fans and fellow wrestlers, leading to a massive feud with Samoa Joe (a former tag team partner) who would then eventually take the belt from Magnus.

It's that fucking easy TNA, get your shit together and book a heel strong for a change.  This short story used TNA wrestlers exclusively and leaves plenty of room for development after his matches with Samoa Joe.  Not like this will happen, no doubt Magnus will eventually feud with Joe but it will be ruined by pointless run in's and dumbass segments galore.


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