Saturday, 11 January 2014

Star Wars X-Wing Tantive IV & Rebel Transport now up for preorder

Well stealth is clearly the agenda of Fantasy Flight Games as several stores here in the UK have started to take preorders for these truly massive scale vessels.  A tentative release schedule of February is currently set for these models and the stores selling them are recommending ordering early as the quantity of models is expected to be quite small.

So for those of you who don't know what exactly these new expansion sets are, they are basically two massive models in the X-Wing scale miniature game.  The Tantive IV or Corellian Corvette requires two of the large model stands to field making it roughly the length of a piece of A4 paper.  The Rebel transport or GR-75 is a little smaller but still massive by comparison to even the Millennium Falcon.

The GR-75 comes with a uniquely painted X-Wing which apparently is Porkins fighter as seen in A new hope although I don't think that is correct since chronologically he was dead by the time we saw the attack on Hoth so it could be Wedge's fighter, but either way the paint job is different from the current X-Wing mini on offer and gives you a model that can actually attack Imperial ships with the set.  The GR-75 itself can power shields and abilities either for itself or allied vessels so it's basically a massive support vessel.

The Tantive set however is just the model but that isn't a bad thing when you consider how large it is and how well armed it is compared to any of the ships currently in the game.  Both of these ships will have unique scenarios to play with them, featuring new rules for using them in "cinematic" battles.  You see these models don't count as a new wave of models since both of them are tournament illegal and thus occupy a different set of rules for the game.  It's not like these ships alone will cost less than a hundred points each is it.

So yeah where can you get these models.  Well for me personally there are three options in the UK. - This link has both of the expansions, just scroll up a little to see the transport.  Out of the three Gameslore has the best overall price for both models at £105 with shipping. - Tritex are very good, although here they are a little more expensive compared to Gameslore but only by a few quid.

Finally you have wargamestore however they are only taking phone orders for these models at the moment and are asking for the most at around £70 for the Tantive IV and £50 for the GR-75, quite steep but with the likely tiny number coming to the UK next month it might be worth paying it if you're a major Star wars fan.

I have already gotten my order in so as soon as they in hand I will be posting guides for them, along with some pictures of them in all their painted glory.  So hurry folks, get them while you still can.


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