Friday, 17 January 2014

Random stuff and Critical Rocket 2014

So today is something of a jumble post really since there are a few subjects that I would like to talk about but none of them would really justify a full post, some are angry while others are more happy and some are about idea's I would like to go ahead with in the future concerning Critical Rocket.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Fail Revolution
First up is the recent announcement of the latest entry into the Ultimate Ninja series on PlayStation and XBOX.  Now I enjoy the series although the first game still outranks the later titles the combat is still fun if not blisteringly hard at times.  This latest title that sports the suffix 'revolution' promises more new characters, more of the storyline and once again another bunch of PTS or pre timeskip characters.

I get it that for the developers it's easy to add characters from the early games since they need virtually no work to add but please wait until they finish the manga/anime cyberconnect2.  As much as I enjoy running as Kimimaro he is the only PTS character who is worth a damn outside of the sound four who CC2 never seem to want to add for some reason known to them.  Who knows maybe we will see them added here but it would about fucking time if they did.  The other addition is the Edo Kages who caused something of a controversial stir in the Naruto gaming community since they were left out of the previous title as playable characters.

It is a kick in the nuts for us as fans to see them added so soon after the fourth game and after such a backlash from the fans.  The third game felt very lazy and didn't have that same level of style that NUNS and NUNS 2 had.  The boss battles where weak, the battlefield sections too few and the character list too small.  Considering how many new characters are added in the ninja war arc it was shocking to see so many skipped the way they did and now in this next game we will probably see them all added.

Annoyingly it will be successful and I will buy it despite the fact we will probably be shafted once again on certain characters.  In all the time the game series has been out where in the hell is the sound four? Shizune? Anko? and Kurenai? to name a few.  I know they aren't featured as major players in the story or even battle but they have been in older games and are used regularly as assist characters o their absence is noticed.  Also with the Shippudden storyline we see many characters skipped as being playable and hopefully they will start to become playable as time goes on.

Battle of Z

Staying with the anime side of gaming this month See's the release of the latest Dragonball Z title in the form of Battle of Z.  Dragonball games are becoming very odd in their naming structure.  This game looks freaking amazing with full four on four battles online and cooperatively with friends.  The demo was cool and the combat was simple yet fun.  It's pretty much what I have been waiting for in a DBZ game for years and it's great to finally see it come to pass.  The game like Ultimate Ninja storm does miss some important characters and that is a bit of a pisser but if it's successful I can see them going down the sequel route.  Really looking forward to this one personally.

Nintendo suffers more losses financially

Nintendo are still suffering from their horrendous decision to launch the Wii U as a half arsed competitor to the PS4 and X1.  I know they hit gold when they launched the Wii and it sold like crazy and people who would normally never play videogames bought them and all was good in the world of Nintendo.  How they went from releasing that and deciding to launch a follow up console that was technically inferior to the current gen systems at the time and expect it to compete with the new systems was fucking insane. guess they were working under the assumption that having a cheaper console again would somehow undercut the competition and once again allow them to sell millions of units, but you see when the Wii launched people were tired of waiting for the PS3 and already owned a 360 so it was new and it was cheap and it had a gimmick that people latched onto.  However both Sony and Microsoft got out of their pit and hit back with some amazing games and their own motion controllers that where just as bad as Nintendo's.  The Wii U just isn't doing anything new or interesting for the consumer and lets face it people want better games and those games are generally found on the PS4, PC or X1 and not on Nintendo.

Third party publishers are backing away from the system and big titles are always being announced that never make the transition to the Wii U.  It's a shame to see the third big console developer fail so badly because competition is great for the industry but it's their own fault.  The most recent news is that they have slashed their projected sales this year from 9 million units to 2.8 million.  That's a fucking huge drop when you consider that is their projection for the entire world not a single territory like Japan.  2.8 million is a tiny amount and Nintendo have to thanking their ancestors that they have the 3DS to prop them up.

I would buy a Wii U for a Pokemon RPG a proper RPG like you get on the DS but in full 3D with awesome combat animations and a huge world to explore. Do that Nintendo and I will buy one of your consoles.

Battlefield 4 continues it's trend of self harm with each patch 4 continues to introduce new and exciting ways of pissing us off at every opportunity.  The latest patch on PC brought gamers new bugs that prevent respawning, inability to use the defibrillator pads and more.  How DICE have gone from being one of the most respected shooter developers to rock bottom is the thing movies are made of.  I blame EA for the early launch and rush to beat Call of Duty to the shops but the patching is all DICE and it's clear they are floundering.

This situation is so frustrating because I actually really like Battlefield 4 compared to Battlefield 3.  Everything about it is a step above it's predecessor and these bugs and terrible patching are only making it more painful.  People complain about Rome II but at least they fix issues with their patches, and Mechwarrior Online at least adds new content albeit slowly but at least it doesn't completely fuck the game up when they do it.

How many people are going to buy Battlefield 5?  Probably a lot but then that's the problem with the industry today.  So many people rage and scream but in the end they always go back hoping the next game will right the wrongs of the past.  We want good games from our favourite developers but these days the politics and corporate nature of it all ruins too many experiences for us.

Looking forward

On the upside of all this we can still look forward to many new and hopefully awesome games this year across every platform.  I personally look forward to the launch of the Witcher 3 as an open world version of the Witcher just oozes great gameplay moments.  Infamous second son is looking great and the only reason I want a PS4 at the moment.   Titanfall is interesting and certainly worth a look at.  We will finally be getting ours hands on Watchdogs this year. a new Super smash bros. game will make the 30 Wii U owners worldwide happy. 

There are many more yet to come and it will be interesting to see how 2014 shapes up.  The new consoles will give us plenty of new experiences no doubt and I will be watching to see how many new IP's come about for these systems as opposed to sequels to PS3/360 series.  The PC still has plenty of awesome games coming from the indie sector mostly but some big titles will be coming no doubt. 

I do plan to go into some form of video production this year when I get my system updated.  If all goes well I will have videos for Mechwarrior Online, Rome II and more coming.  I would love to start running videos of my games of Guns of Icarus along with some video reviews.  I am especially happy that I will be able to do Critical rocket streams on the PS4 when I get one.

As a member of a large gaming group I would love to arrange for some form of Mechwarrior related discussion but it's all in the air at this time.  On the wargaming side I will be trying to find a way to record or at least picture my very first tabletop Battletech game.  A birthday present from my older brother it's going to be a long time goal come true for me.

X-Wing is another area I would like to document though not in a video form.  I would like to post the occasional battle report as time permits.

Anyway thanks for reading folks, have a good weekend and er yeah, fuck TNA.


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