Sunday, 26 January 2014

HD remakes, do we need them?

A recent trend in gaming on consoles is the upscaling or high definitioninginginging of old games.  You may have seen some over the last year, things like Zone of the enders HD, Sly Raccoon HD, Resident Evil 4 HD, God of War Trilogy and many more.  A list can be found here

That list is exclusively Playstation titles but obviously some of these can be found on the Xbox 360 and probably on the Nintendo systems.  The problem I have with this whole HD fad is I am not quite sure who this is really aimed at.  I am a fan of the Zone of the enders games and played both of them on the PS2, they are both good games if not a little full of itself plot wise.  So after playing them and enjoying them originally I don't see the reason why I would need to buy them again even for a cut down price on the PS3.  Slightly better images on the screen doesn't change the gameplay and these remasters have no new content either.

So I guess they are relying on a mix of nostalgia and picking up new fans maybe?  Nostalgia in gaming tends to make older games seem amazing.  I remember the old wrestling games on the N64 like NWO world tour, they where great fun and I played the crap out of them but I know if I played it now I wouldn't enjoy it anywhere near as much.  With today's generation of gamers more concerned with the latest games on their systems I don't see as many eagerly picking up these older titles on their new systems.

Even as a gamer who has never played Resident Evil 4 for instance I have no interest in buying it on PC.  Again I imagine most people who play Resident evil bought it on the consoles years ago and now it's turning up on PC I don't see many new customers for this either.  I guess it's good for players who pick up a title that is new on the PS3 and want to play the earlier games they didn't buy on the PS2.  I bought the original God of War games on PS3 because I never bought them on PS2 which is the one and only time I have picked up one of these HD remasters.

Maybe that's the aim of these releases?  Picking up sales from those who would have bought it back then but didn't have the money?  Of course the games that are released on these HD ports are all of the games that sold well anyway, it's not like we are going to see Ring of Red HD anytime soon is it.  Check out Ring of Red players in North America it's really good and I am incredibly jealous you guys got it on the PSN store.

So yeah does anyone else see HD remasters being a good thing for them?  Or do you think they are unnecessary?


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